Does nexplanon implant cause lower back pain?

How our community feel they have been impacted by lower back pain on nexplanon implant

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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Out of the 548 reviews for nexplanon implant, 0 people (0%) reported lower back pain.

Reviewers that reported lower back pain as a side effect

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

Used for 3 - 5 yr
31 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  1 month ago

  •  Still using

I’m on my 3rd implant. It’s worked well as in no prgnancy scares my periods have stayed regular this time but previously have had less bleeding and sometimes months without any bleeding. I never managed well with taking a pill everyday so it’s easy to get in under local anaesthetic and you don’t have to worry about it for 3 years. I’ve noticed I still get PMS symptoms and mood swings around the time my period is due, no real skin symptoms but I do suffer with bloating because of the implant. I did have a year break between this one and my last due to Covid and not being able to book an appointment. I noticed that my sex drive was sky high without, which I wouldn’t have realised had I had not had a break. My periods where back to normal straight away. Over all I would recommend it, simple insertion and no major issues with it in.

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Top side effects not reported

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Used for 1 - 3 mo
31 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  27th Oct 23

  •  Stopped using

I had really really heavy bleeding where I was bleeding through a sanitary towel within 30mins had to see a doctor who prescribed meds for the blood loss. The insertion and removal of the implant were fine but the blood loss was way too much. More than when I gave birth. Didn’t work for me at all.

Top side effects not reported

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Used for 1 - 3 mo
16 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  12th Oct 23

  •  Still using

(Gonna try and give it to you all straight.) I’ve had the implant now for almost 3 months. You’re numbed in the area before the application. The anesthetic shot burns for a few secs and is the worst part, then you can’t really feel the application. Mine bruised quite a bit but it really varies with every person and won’t harm you. (Lots of people -including me- are/were scared of nerve damage and have gone on deep searches on the internet to find out the likelihood of this happening, or the implant somehow moving or being placed incorrectly. This didn’t happen, and was only a bit sore after the anesthesia wore off. It hasn’t bothered me to this day and left a tiny scar. The first week and 1/2 or two, my moods were off, lots of crying randomly. My cousin reported the same experience. It definitely leveled out after that. My periods however are now irregular and occur twice a month. They seem never-ending as I only get about a week of a break from them. My breasts have enlarged a ton and are very sensitive. My nipple have darker circles around them as well, which caused me a pregnancy scare at first. Wasn’t the case. My skin is better, as before the implant I would have flares on or around menstruation. The cramps on my period are worse than before, but only last around 2 days. After the heavier days of my period are over, whatever comes out is very dark, smelly and seems to be a mix of discharge and blood. When I’m not bleeding, my discharge is a bit orange. I lost a bit of weight because I’m bloating a bit less— it was uncontrollable before the implant. Nothing else seems to really bother me, as far as headaches and other pains, I’ve always had horrible migraines, and they’d at times get worse around menstruation. They’ve seemed to get a bit better. A bit of back pain because of the bigger breasts. But overall, this implant does a great job at pregnancy prevention. These symptoms seem like a lot, but I think it’s worth the effectiveness and easiness of just having birth control in your arm for 3 years. But then again, I’m tolerant to most symptoms of anything. If you start to completely feel poisoned on it, or any serious effects occur I highly recommend you find a free clinic to get it removed. You can ALWAYS get it removed, dven the next day. At least here in the US. I hope everyone looking for birth control options considers Nexplanon. Thanks for reading, stay safe

Top side effects not reported

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Nexplanon implant common side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

52% of nexplanon implant reviewers reported tender breasts

43% of nexplanon implant reviewers reported vaginal discharge

43% of nexplanon implant reviewers reported period like cramps

39% of nexplanon implant reviewers reported vaginal dryness

37% of nexplanon implant reviewers reported lower back pain

Possible nexplanon implant side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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