Nexplanon implant



Nexplanon is a contraceptive implant which contains a progestogen similar to that used in the popular mini pills Desogestrel and Cerazette. The insertion procedure only takes a couple of minutes, after which it can be left in for 3 years so it is an easy and convenient progestogen only option.

What is in the Nexplanon implant?

Less-Androgenic progestogen


Every 3 years


Over 99%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



How long does it take for the Nexplanon implant to heal?

Can Nexplanon cause acne?

Does Nexplanon make you gain or lose weight?

Can Nexplanon affect your hair?

Does the Nexplanon implant affect the menopause?

How effective is the Nexplanon implant?

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How the Nexplanon implant works:

How to use the Nexplanon implant:

How safe is the Nexplanon implant:

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