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Benilexa is a newer brand of hormonal coil available in the UK. Like all hormonal coils it releases a low amount of progestogen into your womb, meaning low levels circulate through your system - this may be why most women experience few side effects. Plus many users have lighter bleeds or even no periods. Once it's fitted, the Benilexa coil can stay in for up to 8 years for contraception if you are under the age of 45. If you have Benilexa inserted over the age of 45 it can be used for contraception until the age of 55 without the need for replacement.

Every 8 years


Over 99%



Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility

Benilexa coil

Benilexa coil benefits

Some of the benefits that are recognised in scientific research or guidelines for this contraceptive



Heavy periods

Period pain


Benilexa coil ingredients

Main hormones in Benilexa coil

Androgenic progestogen

Benilexa coil alternatives

Contraceptives that work in similar ways, or brands that have close or exactly the same hormonal ingredients

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1 reviews

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Benilexa coil side effects

Possible side effects with Benilexa coil

Benilexa coil side effects

Possible side effects with Benilexa coil

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