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Drovelis is a new type of combined pill that contains a brand new type of oestrogen, called estetrol, which has not been used in contraception before. This hormone is combined with a newer type of progestogen, called drospirenone, which is in pills like Yasmin and Lucette. The oestrogen in Drovelis is 10 to 20 times less potent than the usual type of oestrogen used in combined pills, so researchers will monitor users closely over the next few years to see if this reduces the risk of side effects like blood clots. You can now buy Drovelis from The Lowdown!



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Anti-Androgenic progestogen

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Used for 1 - 3 mo
36 years old
Verified review
  •  23rd Jan 23

I'm in peri and have unmanaged PMDD so I'm seeking relief from that. I tried Drovelis because in studies the estrogen showed less of an effect on the receptors in the breasts tissue compared to traditional EE estrogen. I can't tolerate hormonal BC because my breasts react so extremely to the estrogen. Unfortunately this pill caused the same issue. I had to buy a new bra cup size while on it and was in constant pain. I'm sharing my experience incase anyone else out there has these same sensitive breast issues and is looking for a pill. My other symptoms included fatigue that lasted throughout the day (I took it at bedtime) and weight gain in my midsection from water retention. I did not have increased appetite or decreased libido. My mood and sleep were unaffected.

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Used for 6 - 12 mo
35 years old
Verified review
  •  21st Jan 23

Overall, very few side effects, most of which are positive. Decreased hair loss, good sking, non-painful bleeding during placebo days, reduces a bit the size of endometriomas. However, quite a lot of break-through bleeding (not spotting, serious bleeding while taking the horminal pills)

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Used for 1 - 3 mo
25 years old
Verified review
  •  5 days ago

I really wanted to like this pill as I’ve tried others and they altered my moods very negatively or made me completely lose my sex drive. My sex drive on this pill didn’t change, and my skin was looking pretty good, my breasts went up a whole cup size. BUT my anxiety increased quite a lot, I started getting a rapid heartbeat every time I stood up and was getting strange sensations in my legs like pins and needles and muscle twitches. I lasted a month before putting it away because it was very uncomfortable.

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