Vaginal ring

The NuvaRing vaginal ring is a combined hormonal contraceptive, but with a low dose of oestrogen and a type of progestogen that is similar to the one that's used in the implant. The vaginal ring may help control bleeding and improve side effects that you may find on the implant or mini pill, or with combined pills with higher doses of oestrogen. Despite what you might think - you can have sex with it in!

What is in the NuvaRing?

Low oestrogen
Less-Androgenic progestogen

Alternative to NuvaRing

This contraceptive sits in Group 1 and has the same hormonal ingredient as:


Every 3 weeks


93% - 99+%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



Will my partner feel my NuvaRing during sex?

Should I be able to feel my NuvaRing with my finger?

Can the NuvaRing cause weight gain or loss?

Will I get my period on the NuvaRing?

What are the pros and cons of a NuvaRing?

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How the NuvaRing works:

How to use the NuvaRing:

How safe is the NuvaRing:

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