Fertility awareness methods (FAM)


Fertility awareness or natural family planning is a method of contraception where a woman learns how to identify her fertile days (fertile window) using fertility indicators such as waking temperature, cervical fluid and cycle length - and then avoids sex or uses condoms during that window, to prevent pregnancy.

What is in the Fertility awareness methods (FAM)?

Fertility awareness methods is an umbrella term for a method of contraception that works by being able to identify when in the menstrual cycle you are fertile through a range of factors.




92% - 98%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



What are the different types of natural family planning methods?

What is the best fertility awareness method?

When are natural family planning safe days?

What are the disadvantages of natural family planning?

How do you do natural family planning while breastfeeding?

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How the Fertility awareness methods (FAM) works:

How to use the Fertility awareness methods (FAM):

How safe is the Fertility awareness methods (FAM):

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