Lucette pill and migraines

How our community feel they have been impacted by migraines on lucette pill

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

None or not sure


Quite a bit


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Out of the 113 reviews for lucette pill, 7 people (6%) reported migraines.

Reviewers that reported migraines as a side effect

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

Used for 1 - 3 mo
32 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  18th May 24

I swapped onto Lucette after I started having spotting on Yasmin. I thought it would be an easy switch as they are the same but it was not. I started having awful low moods and suffering from cystic acne for the first time in my life. I stopped after 6 weeks. I have since found out that they use different binders in yasmin and lucette and that is what likely caused my issues.

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Very negative mood

1 more effect

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Used for 8+ yr
27 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  7th May 24

While the pill can cause/increase migraines in some people, I actually found that the combined pill helps mine. I usually get a migraine 3/4 days into my 7-day pill break, but shortening my pill break to just 3 or 4 days — starting a new pill strip a few days earlier — has stopped my hormone-related migraines.

Top side effects not reported

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Used for 12 - 18 mo
18 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  28th Apr 24

I went on this one after a bad experience with a similar pill it’s okay. I kind of feel stuck on it because it’s a big improvement from the sickness I felt from the last pill but it’s still not great however I fear that if I change my pills again all those side effects will come back. I experienced HRT like symptoms from what i’ve seen they get better then they get horrendously worse it’s like a constant cycle.

Somewhat negative mood

2 more effects

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Lucette pill common side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

55% of lucette pill reviewers reported tender breasts

48% of lucette pill reviewers reported vaginal discharge

44% of lucette pill reviewers reported period like cramps

43% of lucette pill reviewers reported breast enlargement

41% of lucette pill reviewers reported lower back pain

Possible lucette pill side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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