Does microgynon 30 ED pill cause body hair getting darker?

How our community feel they have been impacted by body hair getting darker on microgynon 30 ED pill

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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Out of the 35 reviews for microgynon 30 ED pill, 0 people (0%) reported body hair getting darker.

Reviewers that reported body hair getting darker as a side effect

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

Used for 3 - 5 yr
23 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  20th Mar 22

Was great in terms of taking the pill back to back - no periods. But I ended up developing migraines and my doctor switched me to the mini pill because of that. Since switching from the COC to mini pill, my sex drive has come back.

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Improved skin

2 more effects

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Used for 8+ yr
Lowdown user
🇬🇧 UK
  •  17th Jun 21

i started using microgynon 50 ed when i was 12 due to adenomyosis, i am now 20 and still using it. before the pill i had bad acne over my back and face, i was a bit chubby and my periods were extremely heavy (fill up a overnight maxi pad in an hour) and the pain was almost paralysing. when i started taking microgynon, my ob-gyn instructed me to keep taking the hormones constantly, so i haven't had period in around 8 years. over the years, i have lost weight, my acne basically disappeared (i got maybe 1 zit every week in high school, now i rarely get them) and i never spot. However, my mood is very low, i'm sad, agitated and highly irritable all the time and i have no libido at all. overall, it saved my life but i cant help but wonder what the consequences will be when i finally come off it

Very negative mood

2 more effects

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Used for 12 - 18 mo
Lowdown user
🇬🇧 UK
  •  8th Apr 21

I was switched to this pill after issues with supply of my prior contraceptive pill (norimin 1) due to covid. Whilst I did not experience any weight gain, during the initial stages of taking this pill I suffered for unnecessary depressive mood swings and severe hormonal headaches (which did not experience prior to beginning this pill). Whilst the depressive mood did subside after about 3 months on this pill, the hormonal headaches continue to be an on going issue (I am currently looking into switching to another contraceptive pill due to the severity of the migraines). It should be noted that I suffer from PCOS and such my main reason for taking contraceptive pills is in order to regulate my hormones and period. In that regard this pill succeeded and I did not experience and spotting.

Very negative mood

1 more effect

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Microgynon 30 ED pill common side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

60% of microgynon 30 ED pill reviewers reported period like cramps

46% of microgynon 30 ED pill reviewers reported vaginal discharge

46% of microgynon 30 ED pill reviewers reported breast enlargement

43% of microgynon 30 ED pill reviewers reported lower back pain

40% of microgynon 30 ED pill reviewers reported nausea or vomiting

Possible microgynon 30 ED pill side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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