Does microgynon 30 pill cause headaches?

How our community feel they have been impacted by headaches on microgynon 30 pill

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Out of the 298 reviews for microgynon 30 pill, 0 people (0%) reported headaches.

Reviewers that reported headaches as a side effect

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

Used for 3 - 5 yr
22 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  3 weeks ago

I was given the combined pill as my first ever contraception. It was great in terms of regular periods, lighter periods, convenient to use, not invasive to have etc. However, whilst using it, I had migraines every single time I was menstruating, sometimes with aura and were extremely debilitating. This ultimately meant I had to come off the pill, and I didn’t realise until around a year after being off the pill that my migraines had nearly stopped completely, and when I did have them, they weren’t nearly as severe. Other than debilitating migraines (which may not be the case for everyone as I did experience them before going on the pill), the combined pill was amazing in all aspects.

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Somewhat negative mood

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Used for 5 - 8 yr
34 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  7th May 24

While it was brilliant to stop my period, I struggled with the moodiness and lack of sex drive. I wasn’t motivated to exercise, while I loved going from a B cup to a DD cup the rest of my body grew too. Headaches and migraines frequently which isn’t ideal either.

Somewhat negative mood

2 more effects

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Used for 1 - 3 mo
18 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  25th Mar 24

I started this birth control as my very first form of contraception. I was put off by the thought of breakthrough bleeding on the mini pill, so my doctor put me on microgynon without much thought. The first month was fine, although very quickly I started to get terrible headaches which continued until I stopped taking the pill altogether. After around the first month I vaguely noticed i’d be in a bad mood all the time - I was either very snappy and grumpy, or my emotions were very ‘muffled’ and I didn’t feel much of anything. It’s very hard to describe, but I wouldn’t feel happy or excited - i’d just feel low and ‘nothing’ all the time. I didn’t enjoy hobbies I liked before, and I wasn’t interested in anything. I think the craziest side effect I randomly realised was that I felt way less affectionate towards my boyfriend. I wasn’t interested in being cuddly with him, kissing him, ect. Honestly it’s the main reason I wanted to get off microgynon. Along with the headaches and mood, my sex drive disappeared completely (and I naturally have a very high sex drive), i’d experience brain fog all the time, and I felt immense fatigue. I’m diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so I assumed it was just that, but the tiredness I felt was nothing like i’d ever felt before, and I feel much better now that i’m off the pill. I’d be too exhausted to even get out of bed, and if I did manage to go outside i’d feel faint and dizzy. The positives were that I didn’t get pregnant (we didn’t use any other form of contraception and didn’t use the pull out method, although I did take a pregnancy test every few weeks to be safe), and I was able to control when i’d bleed. I’ve always had extremely painful periods where i’d throw up and almost pass out from the pain, but the bleeds were very light during my breaks and the cramps were tolerable. I would take the packs continuously for 3 months and then have a 4 day bleed, and didn’t have any cramping or breakthrough bleeding at all. Altogether I found microgynon to be a good form of contraception, the side effects were enough for me to come off it.

Very negative mood

2 more effects

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Microgynon 30 pill common side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

47% of microgynon 30 pill reviewers reported tender breasts

45% of microgynon 30 pill reviewers reported vaginal discharge

42% of microgynon 30 pill reviewers reported breast enlargement

38% of microgynon 30 pill reviewers reported period like cramps

37% of microgynon 30 pill reviewers reported vaginal dryness

Possible microgynon 30 pill side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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