Does kyleena coil cause dizziness?

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Out of the 92 reviews for kyleena coil, 0 people (0%) reported dizziness.

Reviewers that reported dizziness as a side effect

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

Used for 1 - 3 mo
38 years old
Verified review
  •  21st Jan 23

The fitting was more complex than expected as it took the doctor 40 minutes and 4 coils to get it in - apparently I have a steeper bend in my uterus than most and she had to bend the tool accordingly. I would say it was uncomfortable rather than painful however and in the immediate aftermath I felt fine. After a couple of days I felt incredibly nauseous, tired and dizzy. I felt so ill I had to take a week off work. Driving was especially bad, I really struggled with motion sickness which I've never had as a driver or even as a front seat passenger. I had sores on my vulva, which was itchy and inflamed. I went to the doctor who said I had an infection and gave me antibiotics and a Canesten pessary. The itching and soreness eventually cleared up, and while the dizziness and nausea has lessened, it's still pretty pervasive and is especially bad during my period. My periods have been lighter although still monthly but PMS seems to go on much longer and be more vicious that usual. I also seem to get cramps randomly rather than just around my period. I've lost a lot of libido and struggle to orgasm, so in that sense it's been a doubly effective contraceptive, but that is out of character for me and has started to affect my partner's confidence and our relationship. My body can be pretty sensitive, but I thought with a very low dose of hormone I might be ok but the side effects have just not been worth it for me so I've decided to have it taken out. I'm very much looking forward to feeling like myself again.

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Used for 3 - 6 mo
20 years old
Verified review
  •  13th Nov 22

When I had the Kyleena IUS inserted it was incredibly painful, I had debilitating cramps that lasted around 8-10 hours after the procedure. My first bleed was very heavy and lasted for almost 2 weeks, the next one was lighter and by the third I had lost my periods. Once every few months I would have pains so bad that it felt like someone was stabbing me in my abdomen and I could not move, not even painkillers would relieve this. I felt like my sex drive was completely killed, if I did try any kind of penetration I had that same cramping and ocassionally I bled after sex.

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Used for 1 - 3 mo
33 years old
Verified review
  •  23rd May 22

I had to share this experience as a warning to other women that having an IUS is really *not* for everyone. I was on the combined pill and honestly never had many problems with it, just decreased libido and definitely weight gain, so I decided to give the IUS a try as I liked the idea of a lower hormone intake. I was prepared for the pain on insertion - I went to the GUM clinic to have it, the nurses there were very nice and supportive, they really did their best to make the experience as painless as it could be. As I don't have children, I asked them to use both a numbing gel and spray, and I am sure that helped - they switched from Myrena to Kyleena as they found my cervix to be very small. It was still pretty painful but it didn't shock me as I was prepared. The bit that should be improved is the pain management - you can't just tell people to "take some ibuprofen and paracetamol" as for most people that barely cures a headache. I wish better pain relief was offered (naproxen at the very least, or codeine). If you go ahead and get an IUD, please make sure to ask for something strong for the aftermath. I went home and proceeded to experience strong cramps all afternoon. I took it easy with work, took some Naproxen I fortunately had at home and waited. The cramps (more like contractions, really) subsided after a few hours, and I went to bed feeling more or less ok. The next day I worked all day as normal and I thought I was out of the woods and I was really happy! Then during the night, 4am, I woke up in cold sweats with terrible pain. It wasn't cramps or contractions anymore, it felt like my uterus was exploding. Nowhere in the Kyleena leaflet did it say that was normal, and the fact that I had a 24hr period free of pain told me something was wrong. I called 111 and was seen by the urgent care centre, where they gave me codeine and referred me to the on call gynecologist. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I honestly could not take the idea of the codeine wearing off and the pain starting again. I started thinking how horrifying it would be to face potentially weeks and weeks of pain, cramps and irregular bleeding - none of which I had with the pill, or without contraception for that matter - and I just asked him to remove it. So overall I only had the IUS for a couple of days, but it was clear that my uterus was *not* accepting of it. Nobody should have to experience that level of pain. For women who are unhappy with their IUS but are scared about removing it, please don't be. It took one second and was far, far better than insertion. Immediately after removal my body felt better. I had mild cramps for a couple of days, but those were the "normal" ones caused by the cervix being opened, not the uterus wanting to burst out. I'm back on the pill now!

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Kyleena coil common side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

80% of kyleena coil reviewers reported period like cramps

53% of kyleena coil reviewers reported tender breasts

46% of kyleena coil reviewers reported vaginal discharge

34% of kyleena coil reviewers reported lower back pain

30% of kyleena coil reviewers reported breast enlargement

Possible kyleena coil side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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