Does injection cause body hair getting darker?

How our community feel they have been impacted by body hair getting darker on injection

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

None or not sure


Quite a bit


A bit


A lot


Out of the 260 reviews for injection, 0 people (0%) reported body hair getting darker.

Reviewers that reported body hair getting darker as a side effect

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

Used for 8+ yr
27 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  20th Jan 24

I used this contraception for nearly 10 years and I loved it- being young and having no periods saved me a lot of money and stress and was ideal when I went backpacking. It is only now I am older and have an interest in having a baby one day that I was keen to switch. It has taken me nearly 12 months to regain a regular cycle! I also never realised how bad it made my acne until I came off it.

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Worse skin

1 helpful


Used for 3 - 6 mo
21 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  15th Jan 24

I became emotional, my stomach is bloated all the time, I have no energy, I feel tired all the time, loss of appetite, I feel uncomfortable, my ears are ringing the whole time, my head feels foggy and I feel confused, I get bad period like cramps

Very negative mood

3 more effects

0 helpful


Used for 3 - 6 mo
21 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  30th Oct 23

I started the depo in June of this year, I then started constantly bleeding 3 weeks later up until the end of August. I had a 2 week break from bleeding, and then I started again for a further 3 weeks, and the pain that comes along with it is unbearable, it’s a constant vicious cycle. My moods are horrendous, I’ve had to start up antidepressants again, my skin hasn’t been this bad in literal months, all the lower part of my face has broken out into sore spots. I have tried all methods of contraception now, various pills, 2x coil and neither time worked as my body rejected both times, the implant which didn’t agree with me and now this. So I’m completely coming off contraception once this dose runs out. Never again

Very negative mood

2 more effects

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Injection common side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

45% of injection reviewers reported tender breasts

42% of injection reviewers reported vaginal dryness

40% of injection reviewers reported vaginal discharge

39% of injection reviewers reported lower back pain

38% of injection reviewers reported period like cramps

Possible injection side effects

Data is taken from self reported Lowdown user reviews

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