Copper coil (IUD) Reviews


Copper coil (IUD) reviews


23 years old
Used for 18 months - 3 years

Verified review  •  2 weeks ago

So far, the copper IUD has been a good choice for me. I have previously had negative experiences with hormonal contraception and its effect on my mood. The copper coil felt like an obvious option. The insertion procedure was not too difficult - a little uncomfortable but it was over quickly and feels worth it for the long-term benefits. My period has changed - for the first few months it became quite irregular and my flow became heavier, but settled back into a regular routine after about 6 months, and my flow seems to have settled down too. I previously had bad period pains before having the coil inserted, so was nervous about the possibility of this getting worse. Again - my period pains have changed, but I wouldn't necessarily say that they are worse. The type of pain has just changed slightly, and they are perhaps a little more regular. The most notable negative side effect I have experienced is hair loss. Around 9 months after I had the coil inserted, I suddenly started to experience heavy hair loss. There weren't many obvious causes, and even my doctors were unable to figure it out. I did some research and found that having excess copper (I have a copper IUD + a take a daily multivitamin with copper in) can cause a zinc deficiency (one of the symptoms of which is hair loss). I switched my multivitamin for a zinc supplement (with magnesium, vitamin D and calcium) and my hair loss stopped almost immediately. I would recommend the copper IUD to people who want to move away from hormonal contraception. BUT I would definitely recommend taking a zinc supplement to prevent zinc deficiency.

20 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  2 weeks ago

First one fell out and I loved it so much I got another one which then I got pregnant on after it veered to the side

51 years old
Used for 5 - 8 years

Verified review  •  3 weeks ago

I have been using this contraception for 4 years and I am very happy with it. Absolutely no side effects. I have to remind myself to regularly check that it is still there! The only place I know that offers the gynefix is the Margaret Pyke Centre in London, UK. The only reason I was able to request it, is I had had a bad experience with the regular copper coil (heavy bleeding, anaemia), and Mirena (severe, recalcitrant melasma) so I requested it and it was inserted on the NHS. I don’t think it is commonly done unless you have already tried other devices. There is a bigger gynefix (330, I think) and a smaller one (200). I have the bigger one (as I am older and a mother). I do not think the smaller one is available in the UK, which is a shame as it could be massively beneficial for young, nulliparous woman who do not get on with the rigid, T shaped copper coil. I am a happy user - after all these years I have found the contraception for me.

27 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  21st Dec 22

I wish this had worked for me. I'm organising getting it removed now. I LOVED that it's non-hormonal, however, I'm in a lot of pain a lot of the month so it's making my mental health bad because of that. It is exhausting being in pain. If you suffer from bad period cramping - get on Mefenamic Acid. It is AMAZING!!!! This completely sorted the intense period cramps, miracle tablet. If this was the only problem, I'd be keeping it in. However, for me I got insane, extreme bloating and constipation after having it fitted that would leave me in agony every cycle. I also began to have ovulation spotting after having it fitted - not a dealbreaker, just annoying. But I do now get ovulation pain too. With my longer periods, and the ovulation pain, I am in pain for about half the month which just isn't sustainable. The fitting was painful but the clinic where I had it done were amazing - I highly recommend going to a SH clinic rather than a GP. I wish this had worked out for me, I'm going to use condoms for a few months after getting it out to let my body have space to breathe and then re-assess what my best options are.

26 years old
Used for 3 - 5 years

Verified review  •  6th Dec 22

I loved the coil for the first two years. It initially made my period a bit heavier and I had slightly worse cramps but all in all felt great. The last 8 months though have been completely different. Suddenly I'm having more painful cramping than I've ever experienced before nearly every day of the month. It's often debilitating and sometimes I have to take time off work because of it as paracetamol can't take the edge off the pain. Ovulation pains in particular are crippling for me at the moment and I get shooting pains down my legs and up my back and a sharp stabbing feeling in my abdomen. I had the placement checked and my ovaries scanned and was told everything looked fine and dandy but I can't deal with the pain any longer so I've booked to get it taken out.

33 years old
Used for 8+ years

Verified review  •  29th Nov 22

I love that it's non-hormonal and I don't need to think about it. My only significant symptom has been heavier periods.

23 years old
Used for 3 - 5 years

Verified review  •  17th Nov 22

The insertion was a shock to the system and had me laying down for a week. I bled for about three weeks but that was expected. My periods only began to regulate after 6 months but since then they’ve been incredibly light but experience cramps the week before my period which are really harsh which I never did before having the iud inserted. It is worth while and once the six months after insertion is over I’ve had no problems since and would recommend but suggest to have a lot of patience. (My strings were cut very short and my partner has never felt them if that was a concern for anyone)

29 years old
Used for 3 - 5 years

Verified review  •  4th Nov 22

I had the IUD for two years before it came out using a menstrual cup. I had heavier and more painful periods, they would also last about 7 days instead of my usual 4-5. I tried Kyleena IUS for a year to help with the periods, but have now gone back to Copper to avoid hormones. I am using the CU-Safe T 300, which I was told have less copper than what I had previously. I’m hoping the cramps will be slightly better, as overall I really like this form. Worth noting I didn’t have bad periods before starting this, so the periods are tolerable.

23 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  14th Oct 22

In general, I'm pretty pleased with my coil. Getting it inserted was quite painful and caused pretty intense cramping and spotting for 3-4 days after the procedure, too (with days 1 and 2 being the most extreme). Prior to getting the coil, I had very regular periods with heavy bleeding and cramping for the first two days and then a gradual decrease in bleeding with no more cramping for the other 3-4 days of my period. With the coil, I've noticed I have longer periods (from 5 days to 7 day periods), heavier bleeding that does not really taper off as my period goes on, and equal or worse cramps that last every day of my period (as opposed to only one or two days). I also noticed an increase in cervical discharge/mucus throughout my menstrual cycle, and that my breasts were tender while PMSing (which was never a PMS symptom for me prior to getting the coil). I also now experience minor ovulation cramping, which again is new, but not bad enough that it merits painkillers or a heating pad. All this being said, these symptoms are manageable enough that I'm still happy with my decision to use the coil and would still recommend it.

23 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  9th Oct 22

Insertion was intensely painful. Periods are definitely heavier, and cramping starts earlier than I previously experienced l so pre-coil I would have had cramps on the day of my period and the second day, and would never take painkillers. Now I have mild cramping the week before, and more intense cramps during the first days of my period so I take NSAIDs like Nurofen. I love mot having to use hormones, I think it is worth it for what I value in contraception/health preferences.

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