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Lowdown user
26 years old
30th Jan 22

Periods completely stopped on this pill and my vulva and vagina became very dry and painful. I believe this contributed to my experiences of pain with penetration as this has resolved since I stopped taking the pill and started applying topical oestrogen (Ovestin)

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Lowdown user
25 years old
24th Jan 22

I swapped from Yasmin to Qlaira when I was suspected to have endometriosis - I took it constantly with no withdrawal bleed and was very pleased with the results. I noticed my moods levelled out after having mood swings while on other pills, my skin cleared up and I only had pain during my few days of light withdrawal bleed. Over all I was very happy with it. I was told by my doctor that is it a newer pill and only recently being used to manage endometriosis.

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Lowdown user
28 years old
17th Dec 21

I loved this pill. It worked so well for me. I barely had any side effects and my periods stopped. The one big side effect was that my sex drive was very low. The other challenge is that you cannot miss any pills. I still loved these because my mood and acne and lack of weight gain was so good. Unfortunately it’s been out of stock for the last nearly six months or so as all the good pills always are.

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