Millinette 20/75 pill


Combined pill

Millinette 20/75 is a low oestrogen combined pill that contains the progestogen gestodene. It's similar to its sister Millinette 30/75 , which has more oestrogen in it. Millinette 20/75 might be a good option if you are suffering from side effects related to oestrogen with other combined pills, like nausea and sore boobs.

What is in the Millinette 20/75 pill?

Low oestrogen
Less-Androgenic progestogen

Alternative to Millinette 20/75 pill

This contraceptive sits in Group 3 and has the same hormonal ingredient as:




93% - 99+%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



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Does the Millinette pill cause weight gain?

Can Millinette help PMDD and PMS?

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