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Gynefix is a slightly different type of Copper IUD that is different from the normal 'T-shape'. It's a tube of copper wrapped around a thread that sits in the uterus.

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How does the Gynefix work?

The GyneFix is made of a non-biodegradable suture thread made of surgical 00 monofilament polypropylene (AKA a type of plastic) on which six copper tubes are threaded

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6 reviews

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Used for 6 - 12 mo
28 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  21st Jun 23

Overall the IUD is good, but periods are longer, sometimes up until eight days. Also fatigue before period has increased a lot.

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Used for 3 - 5 yr
24 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  10th Mar 23

After years on the pill and 2 years with a copper IUD, I learnt that I had a small uterus and the reason why my period cramps were so bad with the framed copper IUD was that the arms were jabbing my uterine walls! Therefore when my gyne offered me a frameless device, I was really keen to give it a try. It was very painful getting it inserted as the knot at the top is being inserted into the uterine fundus, however the pain lasted less than when I got the IUD fitted and I had a lot more support during insertion as it’s a more complex procedure. 2 years in and my periods are very regular, I have no pain or spotting in the middle of my period (which I experienced with both the pill and the IUD) and actually period cramps have really really improved from even pre-contraception times. I absolutely LOVE this device and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. The only drawback is that it’s from a European company and since brexit there have been supply problems so you need to find a trained gyne and make sure they still fit them as I got mine years ago. I really can’t speak more highly of this contraception, I have experienced literally no side effects and only good things!

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Used for 3 - 6 mo
25 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  16th Feb 23

I got the copper IUD in September, after being on the combined pill for around 10 years, and I’m so glad I did. Let’s start with the insertion, which was a lot better than I expected as I had read lots of negative experiences so I was terrified. I had mine inserted in a sexual health clinic as opposed to a GP surgery which I definitely recommend as I think they’re more equipped for it personally. Comfier chairs/beds, pain relief and staff who carry out multiple procedures every day (compared to my GP who held one IUD insertion clinic a month). A nurse carried out the procedure & a HCSW was present for comfort and to hold my hand. The nurse numbed my cervix with a gel which worked amazingly as I didn’t feel the pinch on the cervix at all. Measuring my cervix and inserting the IUD felt like painful period cramps, which for me was okay as I have had awful period pains in the past and it wasn’t as painful as those. This isn’t to diminish anyone’s painful experiences, but to offer a different experience as everyone is really different. I had some mild cramping for the rest of the day and the day after but nothing that stopped me going about my daily life. I also had quite heavy discharge for around 2-3 weeks after insertion but that settled down and returned to normal. Prior to coming off the pill I had been experiencing extremely painful and heavy withdrawal bleeds which lasted around 7 days and so I was scared of the common side effects of the copper IUD of increased bleeding and pain. However in my experience my pain has almost disappeared completely and whilst my periods are still heavy, they only last around 3-4 days now which is amazing, and using a menstrual cup as helped to manage the heaviness. So for me I think the pill was causing most of my issues. I would definitely recommend the copper coil as hormone free alternative, especially if you’re experiencing issues with the pill after being on it for a long time like I was.

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Used for 12 - 18 mo
27 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  8th Feb 23

I am 27 and have had Gynefix for a bit longer than 1.5 years. Before this, I had the Kyleena (hormonal IUD) for 6 months and before that, I took no birth control for 6 months and before that I had taken the pill for about 5-6 years. I stopped taking hormonal birth control while away from my partner for a couple of months to test the difference on my body and experienced a positive influence on my mood, sex drive and had less cramping. While taking the pill, my periods were a bit shorter and less heavy, but I did have light cramping every month. Without hormonal contraception, I feel like the cramping depended from month to month and is much more related to my well-being at that moment as opposed to regular and expected. After my test run off the pill, I consulted my gynaecologist and they proposed a hormonal IUD, because my periods were still a bit longer than average, I agreed to try it, because who does not want a shorter period... In hindsight this might have been because my body was still settling, now my periods are about the same length but during the first and last part of my period, my flow is very minimal, which makes it very manageable for me. For me, the insertion of the Kyleena hormonal IUD was very painful. I had expected pain but not like this, honestly. I was mostly the duration that got me, if it would have been quicker it would have been much more manageable, I feel. The days after I was not able to leave my bed and could not sleep because of the excruciating pain, even with strong painkillers. Though it got slightly better, what made me take it out after a bit more than 6 months were the frequent cramp attacks I was getting throughout my cycle, regardless of where I was in my cycle. For the first few months, I powered through as the gynaecologist told me this was "normal" in the first few months. Also, my period did not shorten or lessen while having this IUD as it does with many other people. After a bit less than 6 months I decided this was not working, as the pain was not getting better. I don't think I had it long enough to say anything definite about my mental health during that time. As a side note I also had an painful experience during sex, where I feel like my partner bumped into the device, which is not possible if the IUD is placed right. Though the doctor checked and assured me it was placed correctly, both the cramping and this incident suggest the IUD was not finding a good place in my uterus. So I went and looked for different options. Because I suspected the shape and size of the device might have been the problem for me, I looked for smaller options. Also, as I had such a good experience coming of the pill I was very open for non-hormonal contraception as well. So via other people, and by changing my gynaecologist, I was informed about gynefix and I am very happy I found this frameless option that seems to agree a lot more with my body and ticks my box of being hormone free. Lots of doctors don't even know it exists, which is wild. I was told this copper IUD does not increase bleeding like the classical copper IUD because it has not T-shape, which makes sense, less bulky so less for your body to fight against. And this effect is not seen in hormonal IUDs that also have a T-shape, because the hormones often suppress the bleeding or even make you have no periods at all. A lot of my womb friends have that experience. So I am very happy with it at the moment. I will just say a few things that might help you: - The insertion for me was still painful, but I feel like it was more manageable for me because it was quicker. But I know this is hard to compare because some doctors are just better at inserting than others. I still took a painkiller beforehand and went for tea afterwards to relax. I experienced mild cramping for about a day or two, but I did not have to take the day off and could work, which was much better than the nightmare I experienced with the Kyleena. - I usually use a cup for my period, however, due to how the gynefix works and to make sure it settles well for the next 5 years to come, you are not supposed to use a cup for 3 months. Which was fine for me. After 3 months I just used the cup again as usual. - Just like with a classical IUD there is a string that comes out of your cervix, so the IUD can be taken out again after 5 years. The string, in case of the gynefix, is a bit more rigid compared to the Kyleena or classical copper coil (T-shape), because the copper pearls are attached to it. This means it is a bit more challenging for the doctor to loop the string into your cervix, which is possible to increase your comfort, they just often don't have a lot of experience with it. In my case, my doctor tried to loop it in twice but it the end of the string came out every time after a few weeks. For me, it does not bother me, I can feel the string when I insert my finger but I cannot feel it sitting there throughout the day. Also, my partner does not feel it during intercourse usually, it only happened twice during the time I had it. I think it depends on the arousal in combination with the time in my cycle. So all by all very fine, just remember your doctor might think it is just like a classical string and might want to cut it short. In my experience, it is better to either leave it longer so it can loop around and up outside your cervix, so it is not poking anywhere down or your doctor can loop it inside your cervix if they are able to do that. - I don't feel like my bleeding has increased. I also don't have more cramping. I am convinced my experience just shows there should be more options out there, and doctors should be more informed about them. There is no one contraception fits all option. Some people need hormones, while others/many are better off without them. And in the non-hormonal realm there are not many options, so this might be one you can consider.

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Used for 3 - 5 yr
50 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  8th Jan 23

I have been using this contraception for 4 years and I am very happy with it. Absolutely no side effects. I have to remind myself to regularly check that it is still there! The only place I know that offers the gynefix is the Margaret Pyke Centre in London, UK. The only reason I was able to request it, is I had had a bad experience with the regular copper coil (heavy bleeding, anaemia), and Mirena (severe, recalcitrant melasma) so I requested it and it was inserted on the NHS. I don’t think it is commonly done unless you have already tried other devices. There is a bigger gynefix (330, I think) and a smaller one (200). I have the bigger one (as I am older and a mother). I do not think the smaller one is available in the UK, which is a shame as it could be massively beneficial for young, nulliparous woman who do not get on with the rigid, T shaped copper coil. I am a happy user - after all these years I have found the contraception for me.

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Used for 5 - 8 yr
33 years old
🇬🇧 UK
  •  29th Nov 22

I love that it's non-hormonal and I don't need to think about it. My only significant symptom has been heavier periods.

Top side effects not reported

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Gynefix side effects

Possible side effects with Gynefix

Gynefix side effects

Possible side effects with Gynefix

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