Depo-Provera injection



The Depo-Provera injection contains a high dose of progestogen that stays in the body for 3 months after the injection is given by a healthcare professional. It is really great at stopping periods after a few injections. The downside is that once it's given, it's in for 3 months and cannot be removed or stopped before then.

What is in the Depo-Provera injection?

Less-Androgenic progestogen

Alternative to Depo-Provera injection


Every 3 months


96% - 99+%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility

Short term


Does Depo-Provera help with acne?

Can Depo-Provera cause weight gain?

Does Depo-Provera cause depression?

Can Depo-Provera cause a risk of osteoporosis?

Can having Depo-Provera cause a miscarriage?

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How the Depo-Provera injection works:

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