IUB Ballerine


The IUB ballerine is a small spherical device made of plastic and copper which is inserted into your womb by a doctor or nurse. It is similar to other T-shaped copper coils or 'IUDs' but after it is inserted its 17 copper pearls form a circular shape. It is available in most of Europe but is still not available in the UK. If you sign up to our newsletter we will update you when it is!

What is in the IUB Ballerine?

The Ballerine IUB consists of 17 copper pearls which form a spherical shape. The frame is made from nitinol
is a metal alloy of nickel and titanium
and coated with polyethylene terephthalate.

Alternative to IUB Ballerine


Every 5 years


Over 99%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



Where is Ballerine available?

Does the Ballerine contain hormones?

When is the Ballerine IUB launching in the UK?

Does the Ballerine IUB cause less heavy bleeding than the copper IUD?

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