Eppie Shepherd

Eppie Shepherd - The Lowdown

Eppie is a content queen and The Lowdown’s SEO Lead, she loves writing about the latest trends in FemCare and sexual health. Eppie loves nothing more than curling up with a book, collecting handmade pottery and talking to her tomato plants.


  • SEO – writing, strategy and auditing
  • Copywriting


  • BSc (Hons) Events Management


  • Copywriter and SEO Specialist, Freelance
  • SEO Lead, The Lowdown
  • Content Manager, Leisure Pass Group
  • Senior Marketing Exec, Banks Sadler
  • Marketing Exec, Banks Sadler
  • Proposal Writer, Banks Sadler

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You can find a selection of Eppie’s published articles on her portfolio website.