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Yasmin pill reviews


22 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  26th Dec 22

This is my first experience with any contraceptive. So far, I am a month in and very very happy. The first week: pretty nasty headaches that lasted 48 hours and then subsided. Nausea on and off, but nothing too extreme. These went away quickly with ibuprofen and peppermint capsules so fairly manageable. Pros: - My sex drive came back. Big time: I was really struggling with depressive mood pre-Yasmin. I felt pretty dead inside and it majorly affected my desire to get frisky. Crazily enough, I am now more in touch with my emotions. I am a little more weepy than usual, but I'm kind of grateful for it after feeling so empty for so long! Plus, my libido is back and I feel really confident because of it :)) - Less bloating! (Besides my IBS lol): Yasmin has really helped take the edge off uncomfortable period bloating. - My skin might be better: This is hard to say for sure as I am also using products to help my skin anyway, but I am definitely more glowy. Had a few more acne pimples than usual (my skin issues are more sebum plug related) but this is expected with an increase of hormones in my system. - No major weight changes: I am very active and exercise at least 5 times a week. Starting BC was terrifying to me as I have a terrible relationship with my body, but so far so good! Neutral: - No hair loss (from what I can tell): my body hair may be growing faster though - but I am used to this with my regular cycle. It doesn't bother me but may be an issue for others. It's definitely manageable though. Cons: - My period lasted 25 days when I started: Although this was pretty inconvenient, I was prepared, as spotting and irregular periods are common symptoms for the first three months of Yasmin (and most contraceptive pills). That said, it was relatively painless and a huge improvement to my regular cycle. I am taking the pill to help with severe menstrual cramps and side effects, so this is promising. - Weird swelling in my hands??: Very mild but noticeable if you're not distracted. I am used to this from cold weather, so it could be that, but it tends to happen randomly a few times a week - more so than usual. I've heard this is a side effect, so it could be that. - My boobs are HUGE. and very tender: This isn't ideal for me as boobs are not something I enjoy having but it's ok and definitely doesn't impact my quality of life too severely. The only issue is tenderness for sure. It's like having PMS boobs constantly but I am hopeful this calms down soon :') With so many scary stories out there about starting BC, I wanted to share my experience as someone who was genuinely terrified. It's not as scary as they say and there are so many benefits that outweigh any uncomfortable side effects that crop up in the first few months of use. So far, I have been taking these for 5 weeks consistently but am about to have a break tomorrow. Wish me luck! :))

22 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  20th Dec 22

This is by far the best contraceptive I've tried - before I tried rigevidon and gedarel 20/150, and they both gave me a very low mood almost instantly after I started taking them. Meanwhile my mood has felt very level and similar to normal on Yasmin. My skin is pretty much the same and my periods are slightly lighter, which is a bonus. I have noticed a lower sex drive but I am willing to take this side effect over the low mood with the other pills! This also could be due to other factors. I am glad I tried this pill and wasn't put off by the other ones I tried, as it seems to work well for me so far.

17 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  1st Dec 22

really like this pill as there are minimal side effects however i have got acne all over my face from this pill, i was on microgynon for nearly a year but it wasn’t helping my periods so my doctor recommended yasmin. my skin has never been as bad as it is now as i had no acne on microgynon or even before the pill. i used to have migraine with aura so it is contradicted for use in myself but i have had no migraines since being on the pill. would love to stay on this pill if only it didn’t make my skin so bad 😩

26 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  22nd Nov 22

I’m on Yacella. Really happy, this is my 3rd month. No side effects at all. Struggled with anxiety on Femodene in the past

23 years old
Used for 18 months - 3 years

Verified review  •  17th Nov 22

This was my first pill. I gained weight and after a few months noticed a persistent leg cramp and due to family history I was concerned for a blood. I stopped using the pill and the leg cramps went away.

19 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  15th Nov 22

First one I have used and still on it. I like it. Got it prescribed to reduce hormonal acne. Went on it at the same time as a quite heavy antibiotic cure, which made me quite nauseous, but other than that it has been pretty good. Struggled a bit with anxiety, which I haven’t prior to starting the pill, but that got better after a few months.

23 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  14th Nov 22

I started the Yasmin pill when i was about 13/14 and I came off it about 6 months after starting it. I had absolutely awful side effects. It made me gain a lot of weight, my skin was awful and it completely changed my mood. I was suicidal and depressed and had mood swings. It made my blood pressure rise too. I also just generally felt unwell most of the time. After coming off the pill i felt 100 times better and ended up loosing all of the weight i had put on. This won’t necessarily be your experience as everyone is totally different but this is the worst pill I’ve been on, and I’ve been on a few!

25 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  8th Nov 22

I switched from implant to Yasmin, but experienced no change in all the horrible side effects I had from the implant: my body didnt respond to anything sexual even if I was turned on mentally, i gained 15 kilos of weight within only a few weeks without any change to my exercise or eating habits, horrible anger and mood swings, suddenly i had regular anxiety attacks and terrible acne that made me not want to go outside without a thick layer of makeup. Ive cried in the mirror countless times ever since, and the acne didnt go away until I got accutane prescribed.

33 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  6th Oct 22

I am on my contraception journey to try and find a pill which doesn’t give me low libido and sore breasts! This is as close as I have been able to get. I have tried numerous contraceptives. I probably wouldn’t have moved on to the next if I didn’t get headaches now and then. Generally I don’t suffer but within a 3 month period I had a bad headache once a month around the time of ovulation. Other than a slight reduction in libido, a headache once a month and the occasional disassociation when procrastinating I think this is probably as good as it’s going to get. This is very different from lucette. When doctors say these pills are are same they are so so so wrong. Good luck all!

30 years old
Used for

Verified review  •  18th Aug 22

Easy to understand, regular periods and control over delaying periods when needed. My skin (face and body) was much clearer.

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