Patch Reviews


Patch reviews


23 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  2 days ago

I have used various pills for a couple years. However with a change in lifestyle being a shift worker I was unable to take the pill at the same time everyday and it was leading to irregular bleeding. The patch has been so easy to get on with and I had no changes moving from pill to patch and is easily hidden. The one downside is if your wearing dark clothing the patch edges can be very sticky and sometimes fluff from clothing transfers onto the edges of the patch. However this being my only downside im glad I made the switch and I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles to remember take the pill everyday or someone like me who works shift patterns.

23 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  2 weeks ago

Was very convenient and stayed on when on holiday where I was in and out of the sea and swimming pool

27 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  15th Nov 22

The patch was ok. I definitely preferred it to taking a pill everyday but still had the issue of remembering when I had to put the new one on. My biggest issue with it was that as it’s sticky, it would get very dirty, very quickly either from sweat, clothes lint or general dirt and would start to lose its stickiness and did fall off a couple of times. I noticed quite a bit of weight gain as well as very enlarged breasts and there was an obvious loss of sex drive. I’m unsure I would use it again.

23 years old
Used for 3 - 5 years

Verified review  •  14th Nov 22

Very easy to remember, once a week, good to fit into a routine.

19 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  4th Aug 22

I tried a few different contraceptives until finding the patch and I love it! It’s so much better for me than taking a pill everyday and there’s the freedom to be able to stop using it when I like which I wouldn’t have with the injection or implant - which was important to me because of previous bad experiences with hormonal contraceptives! I love the patch and it’s done for me exactly what I’d hoped it would.

26 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  28th Jun 22

I’ve been using the patch for 3 months now and I love it! The first month and a half was a bit rocky. I did have quite severe mood swings, however myself and my partner recognised this was caused by the patch and we knew at some point it would level out. Which it did! I also noticed that my periods have become regular and accurate. The day after I take the patch of for the rest week, I start my period and it usually lasts for 4 days. I do get painful cramps on the first day of my period, but again this quickly stops. The whole process of using the patch is super easy and simple, I don’t have to worry about remembering to take a pill everyday. I have a weekly alarm set in my phone to remind me to change it or take it off during the 4th week. It has worked perfectly for me. And no babies. Wahoo!

26 years old
Used for 8+ years

Verified review  •  27th Jun 22

I got on the patch (Xulane for US) 6 years ago as a last ditch effort before getting accutane for my horrible acne. The patch cleared up my acne incredibly, within months. I didn't have any rapid weight gain, but 6 years later I look back on my body pre-patch and can tell I'm heavier and it is a lot more difficult to lose weight while on it. I want to come off of it though because I had never had a migraine in my life, and have had about 7 while on the patch that have visual aura preceding them, so I will be coming off because they're contraindicated with hormonal birth control. Overall, better skin, no babies, difficulty losing weight, possible slight decrease in sex drive, and horrible migraines.

24 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  22nd Apr 22

Evra patch was the first contraception I used when I become sexually active. I've used it for 2 years previously and didn't have any side effects or think it has caused any mood changes. Then I took a break for 1.5 years and started using the patch again. This time, I started to have breakthrough bleeding on the 3rd week of my cycle for 5 days before my periods. I have stopped using it and experienced a sudden change in my mood. I have realized that the patch was making me very anxious and depressed, a week after getting off the patch my mind became clear even though nothing has changed in my personal life. Looking back on the first two years I've been on it now I realise that the patch had an effect on my mental health. Writing this so that people are aware of the side effects that it might cause, if the hormones of the patch do not affect you like it did to me, I think the patch is very easy to use and convenient in the sense that it needs changing weekly so you don't have to remember it every day. It also sticks just fine to the skin and does not come off.

20 years old
Used for 3 - 5 years

Verified review  •  28th Mar 22

I decided to try the Patch as I didn’t think I’d remember the pill. It is so easy to apply and has never fallen off even when swimming. I had a few side effects when I first started like vomiting but after the second week everything was all good. My periods are regular and lighter which is definitely a bonus. Although it has increased my breast size, I don’t believe it to have made me gain considerable weight.

22 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  14th Mar 22

The patch is great if you forget to take the pill. If you have sensitive skin avoid the patch as it can cause skin to blister and ooze liquid, the patch then falls off and skin is left with a red itchy mark than takes about a week to go away. In my case when the patch did fall off I did actually get pregnant, I wasn’t aware because I put a new patch on an the symptoms I had from the patch were the same as pregnancy so it took me 12 weeks to realise I was pregnant. Be careful if the patch falls off as you won’t be protected!!

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