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Eloine pill reviews


29 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  17th Dec 22

Really like this pill. Have tried nearly every contraceptive there is but it just feels like this one agrees with me! Like the fact i know exactly when my period will come because of the placebo pills

28 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  2nd Nov 22

I tried another pill as Eloine has a higher risk of blood clots, but it really messed up with my mental health and weight. I was first prescribed Eloine years ago and never had issues. It does very much depends on the person though.

36 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  9th Oct 22

My cycle without contraceptive: I have very regular text book cycle of 28 days +/- 1 day) Menstruation: bleeding lasting 4-5 day Light bleeding on day 1-2 moderate bleeding day 3 Light bleeding day 4 Spotting day 5 Dysmenorrhoea starts 1-2 days before my period and stopping on day 2-3 of my period. Follicular phase so from day 6 of my cycle to day 13-14 I feel great - my mood improves, no body, emotional or mental health symptoms I feel I'm on top of the world and it's getting better with a climax on day 13/14 but on the last day I feel anxious- likely due to oestrogen levels being so high. Ovulation - I get Mittelschmerz ( ovulation pain) in right/ left lower quadrant it alternates every month- sharp achey pain lasts for the day does not bother me a lot. Lateral phase for me day 15/16 That's when I feel the opposite of how I feel in follicular phase- over time I feel low, sluggish, less able to cope with daily stress, fed up, negative, self critical, my concentration becomes more impaired and I'm more prone to mood swings. The worse day is the day before my period. The emotional issue resolve on day 1 of my period almost like a switch. I've started taking this combined pill because I was fed up of being controlled by my cycle. I tried other combined/ depo/ IUD/ injection and felt horrible on all. Mycrogynon - caused dark hair in wrong places and lots of tension all the time and anxiety. Yasmine - higher oestrogen levels I felt anxious all the time. Progestogen only contraceptive made me feel permanently in my luteal phase including the IUD.- low and depressed. Eloine I've taken in for 19 days so not even a full cycle yet, I've had constant breast tenderness and my breasts have become bigger ( not a bad thing!) the tenderness is controlled well with ibuprofen gel and a good fitting bra! First week or so I had mild pelvic cramps but compared to my dysmenorrhoea it did not bother me. Emotionally I've felt levelled. No follicular phase and no luteal phase variation. I constantly feel as if I am on my early to mid follicular phase ( probably due to the oestrogen). I'm sensitive to hormones and high oestrogen levels cause me anxiety and high progesterone levels cause me depression. So far so good. I'm planning on taking it 3 months continuously with a breakthrough bleed 4 times a year where I can book leave from work and hide for 4 days. I'll keep you guys updated.

27 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  6th Sep 22

This pill saved my skin! my acne went! and since I've stopped it, it's stayed the same (thank goodness) . I always get a some hormonal spots just before my period but it stopped the cyst acne. The only thing that stoped me continuing it was the loss in libido and my mood. I did get very anxious but that has stayed the same since using it so maybe thats just me.

23 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  2nd Jun 22

So as a quick background; I have Endometriosis and this is the 6th hormonal option I have tried to control my symptoms (4 combined pills, 1 mini pill, and 1 progestin treatment). I am also quite susceptible to mental health issues, both on and off hormones. I decided to start hormones again after my Endo pain started to increase again, meaning I had to rely on opioids quite a lot for pain relief, and a scan found evidence of adhesions, leading to me being referred for my second operation. I am SO thrilled to say that Eloine has worked wonders for me!! I first heard about it via a consultation with Dr Fran at The Lowdown when she mentioned Yasmin, the higher estrogen version of Eloine, as an option for me, but I stupidly didn't give it a go (I had trust issues with doctors at that point due to my bad experiences with other hormones and the Endo lived experience generally). I next heard about Eloine during a consultation with an NHS contraception specialist I was referred to, who recommended it to me due to hormones (particularly progestins) causing me to feel very depressed, and previous birth control pills causing me to gain quite a significant amount of weight. I was also having a hard time with my mental health at that point, and was scared about making that worse by starting a new birth control pill, but really wanted to make sure my Endo remained under control (I was on another combined pill before this point which controlled my Endo symptoms, but dramatically worsened my anxiety). Happy to say that my Endo is currently very under control (I haven't had to use codeine since October last year!!), as is my mental health, on Eloine!! It is worth mentioning that it took a few months for my "period" to settle - my periods got longer, and I was cramping for a longer amount of time, etc. However I definitely recommend pushing through if you experience the same! I made the mistake of taking pill breaks (I had been told to take it back-to-back) in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but Dr Mel told me in a consultation that it would be better to keep taking the pill through these bleeds (this was my advise to me personally based on my history of Endo and having a particularly stubborn uterus). Once I did this, my bleeding dramatically decreased, and I now get 2-4 days of incredibly light, barely-there bleeding every 15-17 days, with NO PAIN! I have taken a pill break a couple of times since then, as last month I felt very emotionally PMS-y and had a lot of water retention. Another tip, if you're like me and have had a bad experience with hormones in the past, is to order your pill and keep it in your drawer until you feel ready to take it. This really helped me because I could get use to having it in my house without the dramatic doctors appointment and walk to the pharmacy all at once. Plus, the Eloine packet looks different to a lot of mainstream pills, so psychologically that helped a lot. Another thing - in the interest of being totally honest, I did start taking Sertraline (an antidepressant) a couple of weeks after I started taking Eloine which obviously really helped get my mental health under control. However, this was due to PRE-EXISTING mental health issues, not anything caused by Eloine. I just feel like me on Eloine, and honestly have barely had side effects (apart from maybe bigger boobs and the aforementioned bout of PMS and water retention). I intend to stay on Eloine for the foreseeable <3 Good luck!

27 years old
Used for 3 - 5 years

Verified review  •  20th Apr 22

This is same as Yaz, overall pretty good experience but breakthrough bleeding led me to switch to Yasmin for better control of that. No PMS/PMDD, skin improved. Felt slightly more prone to stress on this but it beats feeling horrible 1-2 weeks every month. I'm naturally very horny so this brought that down just a little bit, but less than Yasmin which has same ingredients but stronger. Might return to this pill bc it's a good deal for me personally.

25 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  1st Apr 22

I’m 24 years old and was diagnosed with pcos 5 months ago I’ve had a regular periods and no insulin resistance However I had increased body and facial hair as well as horrible period pains. I was prescribed metformin, dianette (combined pill) and spironolactone. However since I had no insulin resistance I decided to opt out of taking the metformin and proceeded with the combined pill and the spironolactone. I found my mood was normal in dianette actually maybe even a bit better and my body and facial hair drastically decreased however I was getting monthly yeast infections, vaginal dryness and my sex drive was basically gone. I asked my doctor to prescribe a lower dose and he put me on Eloine instead. the first month was fine I had no side effects however I’m on my second month and I’ve noticed I’m incredibly bloated with very dull cramping in my lower abdomen, I’ve gained weight and my mood is absolutely horrible and the body and facial hair is back however not as bad as when I wasn’t taking birth control On the brighter side on this pill I get no infections and no vaginal dryness and my skin looked great on both pills. I’m not quite sure if my body is adjusting from going from a high dose pill to a low dose one however it’s taken quite a toll on my anxiety

22 years old
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  28th Jan 22

Honestly this pill majorly helped my spots. The spots on my face and back/chest cleared up almost instantly, like literally almost straight away. I literally wouldn’t even break out, I very rarely had the one pimple pop up. I stopped this pill due to back pain (was slightly unsure whether it was acc from the pill of not), which went once I stopped the pill. The back pain was odd, it was in the lower part of my spine?!

30 years old
Used for 5 - 8 years

Verified review  •  23rd Jan 22

I used to be on Yaz when I lived in Ireland however that was not available in the UK so I was given this, which is apparently the same pill by the same company with just a different name and packaging. I've been on it 4 years now and no adverse side effects at all, I don't notice that I am on it. I used to get acne as a teenager but this pill has made me never get any breakouts at all, my skin is really good which is the main reason I like this pill a lot and will continue to use it. I take it continuously so I don't get the bleeds, but when I used to have the break it was just very light spotting, barely a period if you could call it that. I only needed to use very light pantyliners. I had some spotting when I started initially for about 2 months when I started taking it continuously but that completely stopped after that and I never have any bleeding issues. I have not had any issues with weight gain or headaches or mood etc. The only effect that I did notice is that I have barely any libido at all. This does not bother me personally, buy for those considering this pill it would be something to think about if considering this pill. The big benefit for for was clear glowing skin, it's better than harsh acne treatments like Roaccutane without all the peeling and dryness. I would highly recommend this pill for anyone who wants contraception that also tackles acne at a lower oestrogen dose and a shorter 4 day pill break rather than 7 days.

25 years old
Used for 12 - 18 months

Verified review  •  20th Dec 21

I have been on Eloine for over 6 months (not sure exactly how long) now. My GP prescribed it to me as part of my acne treatment, whilst i wait for my dermatology appointment. I have tried various contraceptive pills in the past, the one i used previous to this was a progesterone only pill as i had experienced migraines when on the combined pill previously. I stopped taking the progesterone only pill as it was making my acne worse, i started to use the Natural Cycles app and condoms instead but my GP said that i had to be on a more reliable form of contraception to be referred to dermatology. Hence being on Eloine now. It has completely cleared my skin, i dont even need to use the various creams i had been prescribed. The downside (and its a big one) is that i have lost my sex drive. I have spoken to my GP about this and am waiting for her to get back to me as she didnt think this was a normal side effect. My periods have also been affected by taking Eloine but i have noticed an improvement lately. I tend to bleed after the 4 day break, at the beginning i would then bleed for 2 weeks but this has reduced down to less than a week now. I did miss my period a couple of months in a row but not sure if this was due to the pill or the Covid vaccine as i am aware that some people had this reaction too. My periods have always been very regular so i had been worried but they seem to have returned to normal, if not slightly shorter/lighter than they had been on previous pills. Overall its good for acne, periods seem to settle after some months of taking it, i havent had any migraines but have a noticeably reduced sex drive. I am worried that the acne might come back once i stop taking Eloine but we will have to wait and see.

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