Speak to a sex and intimacy coach

Chat with one of our resident sex coaches in a non-judgemental, relaxed space. We offer empowering support and advice to help you get the most out of your sex life.
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What you can talk to our sex coaches about

Rather than addressing the past, a sex coach focuses on the present, and where you want to be in the future

Sex drive

Low sex drive and libido issues, or not being able to orgasm


How to embrace pleasure, find joy in, and feel comfortable during sex


Talking to your partner about sex


Low self-esteem around sex and how to address any inhibitions or feelings of shame

Intro consultation


  • Ask us that burning question about sex! No pun intended…
  • 30 minute chat via video or phone with our resident sex coach
  • You’ll also get a follow up email with useful resources to look at in your own time

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One-off consultation


  • 45-minute video or phone call with one of our certified sex coaches
  • Judgement-free support
  • Need further help? Ongoing advice packages available

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Our sex coach

Lucy Rowett

Lucy Rowett

Lucy is a certified sexologist and sex coach who is passionate about helping women and people with vulvas let go of sexual shame and hangups. She uses a combination of mind-body tools with evidence-based sexuality education. Her speciality is working with people who come from faith backgrounds who are struggling to let go of sexual shame and enjoy pleasurable relationships again.

Special interests:

Body image, low or mismatched libidos, orgasm concerns, vulvas and vaginas, religious sexual shame, anxiety around sex, anxiety around porn usage

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How it works

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What is a sex coach?

Are your sex coaches doctors?

Can I talk to your sex coaches about sexual trauma?

Is everything discussed confidential?

Can I bring my partner?

Is sex coaching like sex therapy?

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