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Here are some of the incredible clinicians we work with

Dr Nikki Ramskill

Dr Nikki Ramskill • GP

NHS registered

Dr Nikki is a Milton Keynes based cat-mum and passionate women's health advocate. She's a GP near Milton Keynes and has a background working in gynaecology in London.

Dr Becky Mawson

Dr Becky Mawson • GP

NHS registered

Dr Becky works as a GP in Sheffield where she fits and removes coils and implants, and has previously worked in fertility services and sexual health clinics.

Dr Zaakira Mahomed

Dr Zaakira Mahomed • GP

NHS registered

Dr Zaakira is a GP and mum of 2 in Lancashire. She is obsessed with contraception and fits copper and hormonal coils. She is also a trainer and loves to teach others.

Dr Fran Yarlett

Dr Fran Yarlett • GP

NHS registered

Dr Fran is a northern based new mum and contraception fanatic. She's a GP in Sheffield, interested in complex medical patients and women's health.

Nurse Simphiwe Sesane

Simphiwe Sesane • Nurse Consultant

Contraception expert

Simphiwe is a London based contraception & sexual health nurse. She is obsessed with women's health & equitable health. She also teaches clinicians to fit and remove coils and implants.

Dr Mel Davis-Hall

Dr Mel Davis-Hall • GP

NHS registered

Dr Mel is a GP from London experienced in women's health. Mel has worked in a sexual health clinic and has seen pretty much everything going! She also loves evidence.

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Not quite what you’re looking for? Try our health and wellness professionals

Not every problem needs the same approach, these experts can offer advice as well as emotional and practical support.

Lucy Rowett

Lucy Rowett • Sex coach

Certified sexologist

Lucy’s speciality is working with people who come from faith backgrounds and are struggling to let go of sexual shame and enjoy pleasurable relationships again.

Kathryn Levy

Kathryn Levy • Pelvic floor physio

Owner of Prima Women’s Health

Kathryn specialises in sexual health, pelvic pain and postpartum care. She is passionate about educating women on their vulvas, pelvic floor and self-care.

Kate Davies

Kate Davies • Nurse Consultant

Fertility expert

Kate has 20+ years experience in helping women with all aspects of fertility, IVF, early pregnancy and conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis.

‘I’ve never felt more heard’

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via Trustpilot

I had a consultation with Dr Fran and she was LOVELY. I have never felt so listened to at a consultation, especially regarding woman’s health. 20 mins with Dr Fran and I had some recommendations that I can try, based on her actually listening to my issues and from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Honestly, bloody brilliant, thank you!


via Trustpilot

So empowering...book your appointment! I'm so glad i booked an appointment with the Dr Mel, she was fantastic and put me straight at ease. We get such a short time with our local NHS GPs, that this level of care and investigation is just not possible. Thanks so much Dr Mel!


via Trustpilot

Had a appointment with Dr Mawson in May. Tried the pill they recommended and it's been a total game changer for me. Could not recommend highly enough to anyone unsure of what pill to take or who has been unsuccessful trying the pill in the past and wants to know if there is one out there to suit them.


via Trustpilot

This appointment was the first time someone has taken the time to explain contraception in such depth and explored various options with me. Dr Zaakira Mahomed was amazing and really took the time to give me enough information to make an informed decision.


via Trustpilot

The doctor I spoke to (for a full 20 minutes) cleared up all of my queries, gave me loads of helpful info and has set me up with an empowering plan of action. I've never felt more heard and been so informed - best appointment ever! What a fantastic resource for girls and women.


via Trustpilot

After being diagnosed with PCOS I was having problems finding the right contraception solutions for me. Finding the lowdown has been honestly a miracle for me. Not only is the site super easy to understand - the consultation I had with Dr. Becky has genuinely cleared up so much. I feel much more knowledgeable about PCOS now and feel more confident in choosing the right contraception for me and my situation.


via Trustpilot

Dr Fran was so amazing. She listened to me and was kind and supportive. Then she gave me many options for what I would need going forward with my issues. I could not recommend her and The Lowdown enough. I finally feel seen and heard.


via Trustpilot

My consultation with Dr Mahomed was super helpful, would 100% recommend to anyone! I felt a bit nervous at first, but she was lovely to talk to and put me at ease straight away. All my questions were answered and I've definitely come away with the knowledge and confidence to choose a birth control option that I think will work for me!


via Trustpilot

I would 100% recommend Dr Becky, she was super lovely and incredibly informative on all the questions I had for her regarding endometriosis, the copper coil and local anaesthesia.

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“I feel so much more educated and confident going forward with my contraception”
— Jasmine

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