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Chat with our resident physiotherapist and get informed about your pelvic health in a relaxed, friendly space. From incontinence, to painful sex, and endometriosis, Kathyrn can help
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Our women’s health physio

Kathryn Levy

Kathryn Levy

Kathryn is our in-house women's pelvic health physio who specialises sexual health, pelvic pain and postpartum care. She is passionate about educating women on their vulvas and pelvic floor muscles and the importance of self-care. Kathryn is on a mission for all women regardless of their age or stage in life to have access to a pelvic floor physiotherapist. She is owner of Prima Women's Health in Cambridge.

Special interests:

Pelvic floor, painful sex, painful periods, vulvovaginal pain, vaginismus, endometriosis, postpartum conditions, perimenopause/menopause management.

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  • 20-minute video call with our women’s health physio, Kathryn
  • Judgement-free support

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