Zelleta pill Reviews


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Zelleta pill reviews


Lowdown user
17 years old
20. Okt. 22

For the first few weeks of taking the pill I noticed I had a lot of mood swings and negative feelings as well as having quite sore/tender breasts, achne on my face and back, and continuous period cramps. I have not experienced any type of bleeding since starting the pill, but I do still have regular cramps and lower back pains at the time I would have been on my period. The period pains I am getting on the pill are significantly worse than before I started taking it, but they are manageable with prescribed pain medication. Before I started the pill I had never suffered with any sort of achne, chronic headaches or migraines but these are all now regular for me. I would recommend this pill if you would like to stop heavy bleeding but be aware that there are some not so nice side effects that could occur.

Lowdown user
35 years old
11. Okt. 22

So far okay. I had mood swings and headaches in the first 2 weeks but that has stopped. I also got some spots on my chin. I am currently on a weight loss journey and have lost 14 lb since being on this pill (just under 2 months). My appetite hasn’t been impacted and my sex drive has improved since coming off the combined pill and going onto this Period wise, I had a light one after being on it for 7 days but I had just come off the combined pill so it was probably caused by a drop in Oestrogen. I haven’t had a period for nearly 6 weeks now but had cramping when it roughly due for about 4 days but no bleeding since the period at the start.

Lowdown user
17 years old
19. Apr. 22

The first side effect I really noted from being on this pill was very low mood (felt very emotional in situations where I'd normally feel fine) and breast tenderness as well. When I had my first period on the pill, it lasted for 38 days before I had to stop taking it.

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