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NuvaRing reviews


Lowdown user
22 years old
14th Jun 22

This is by far the best option for me, I don't have to remember to change it often, I can skip periods if I want to and I have no major side effexts. I will say that I went from someone who never cries to crying over the silliest things, but it isn't an overall mood change, more that I'm just a bit tearier when I am sad. I also find that I am more 'wet' with it than without, I did have really dry skin for the first couple months but then everything evened itself out.

Lowdown user
21 years old
11th Jun 22

a bit fiddly to insert and get in a comfortable position, didn't affect sex, stopped using it as it became inconvenient due to storing it

Lowdown user
25 years old
20th Mar 22

So far the ring has been the absolute best option for me - so easy, few to no side effects, you can skip periods, - overall it just feels like it works more local than the pill...

Lowdown user
24 years old
2nd Jan 22

I have been on the NuvaRing for over 3 years now and have definitely found it to be the most effective and positive contraceptive I've tried. My favourite thing being the convenience of it, as its in place for three weeks at a time. I've not had any significant side effects using this method, unlike with contraceptive pills, the nausea is much less for example. The only potential negative I've had from this, is lowered sex drive but this came about after prolonged use. If you're comfortable with inserting tampons etc. then I don't think you'd have any issues with inserting and using this method of contraception.

Lowdown user
33 years old
15th Dec 21

Easier to remember and lower hormone levels than the pill. But, like most hormonal contraceptives, has side effects that get tiresome over time. Not very sexy to pull it out for sex - you don't have to but I preferred to. Can be (used to be?) harder to get hold of it, especially abroad. I had fairly heavy and smellier discharge that required use of panty-liners to avoid wet knickers.

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