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Mirena coil reviews


Lowdown user
25 years old
2 days ago

I got an IUS inserted after 7 years on the combined pill. I did a lot of research, and it seemed like the safest option for me, with a family who has cancer/blood clot history. Insertion was uncomfortable but not too painful. However, I then bled for the first 6 months non stop. It eventually subsided, but then roughly each month I got THE WORST one-sided stomach pains imaginable, followed by some spotting. I put up with this for a year to see if it would stop, and it didn't. I went to my local Sexual Health Clinic recently, who informed me that I was likely experiencing ovarian cysts, which could be triggered by the coil. I therefore decided to get the coil removed and try something else.

Lowdown user
23 years old
17th Aug 22

I’ve had the mirena for almost a year. The insertion was painful but not too bad, I wouldn’t let this be the reason to not have it because it is only painful for a short time and then a couple of days of cramping. However I’m pretty sure it’s given me worse skin - not crazy worse but I deffo get more spots that I did on the combined pill. I put on almost 2 stone whcih could be due to this or coming off the pill. It’s impossible to lose weight on this even with diet and exercise for some reason. The worst part of it for me was that I almost every day have some kind of pelvic pain ranging from not bad to very bad whereas I had nothing on the pill, even though the mirena is supposed to stop it. I also bleed twice a month instead of once now which is never happened to me before. I did enjoy not having to remember to take something but I don’t think it’s worth it considering the pain and the bleeding. But I think if you’re on the fence try it and then you can always get it out if you don’t get on. I’m getting mine out next week and I’m excited to go back on the pill instead.

Lowdown user
26 years old
25th May 22

The worst experience having it inserted - fainted as cervix was clamped (which apparently isn’t uncommon). Terrible period like pains for 2 months after insertion, felt constantly faint and subpar. After a while the pain settled down but my partner was put off sex by the strings and I had absolutely no sex drive either! Eventually decided that convenient as it is having a “fixed” form of contraception, it wasn’t worth putting my body through the pain. Had it removed and was told that I have a form of PTSD from the IUD and have been a lot happier since it has been removed!!

Lowdown user
29 years old
24th May 22

I cannot recommend it enough! I got my first Mirena in 2015, and my second in 2020. I'll be honest, the insertion isn't fun, it felt like a bad period cramps for about 12hrs after. I recommend having ice cream ready. But switching to Mirena has been one of the best decisions of my life. I used to have a lot of anxiety about getting pregnant. Mirena has given me so much peace of mind. Also the low hormone levels haven't give me any side effects (I did on the pill).

Lowdown user
41 years old
23rd May 22

Much lighter periods. Had some emotional times & very low sex drive but unsure if that was the IUD or the post-pregnancy life.

Lowdown user
22 years old
26th Apr 22

I started using this after some bleeding and mood issues on the combined pill and the minipill. Insertion was WAY better than I anticipated- it was quite painful but totally bearable but I did get quite dizzy, lethargic and crampy once the nervous adrenaline wore off. I had breakthrough bleeding for a month afterwards and only spotted now and again and my periods eventually stopped after about 9 months. Unfortunately, the coil has really wrecked my sex life: I have to have very very gentle sex otherwise I bleed and cramp the next day as if I'm having a nasty period. Had an ultrasound to check it hadn't displaced but all was fine and the doctor said that this is something that just happens for some people with the coil. I have lowered libido (could be because I'm worried about pain and bleeding afterwards but I'm not sure). My skin has also become a little more prone to breakouts but this may just be my skin type that was previously masked by the combined pill. Overall I'm very disappointed and will be switching to non-hormonal asap!

Lowdown user
26 years old
4th Apr 22

I had the mirena coil fitted on the 10th of March after being on the combined pill for nearly 10 years (from the age of 16). I’ve struggled with my mental health particularly over the last 3 years and suffered a low sex drive since I was about 20. After getting some support I decided it was time to try a new contraceptive and see if that would improve things. I was genuinely terrified to have something so invasive (I don’t even use tampons) but the nurses were absolutely brilliant and talked me through the procedure, how I’d feel after etc and really made me feel at ease. I personally find the speculum really uncomfortable in any situation and I wouldn’t say any other part of the procedure was more painful/uncomfortable than that. It lasted maybe 3 minutes max where they measured me and then fitted the coil. The cramps after we’re definitely the worst part, about 45 minutes after having it fitted my body clearly wanted it out and I’ve never felt cramps like it. I got home and straight onto ibuprofen and hot water bottles. It was an uncomfortable 48 hours but after that it was totally fine. I waited a couple of days before going back to the gym and took it easy to start with just because my muscles in that general area were tired and aching from the cramps. I spotted for the first couple days then had my period for about 10 days but it was really light. My mood has definitely improved, I’m sleeping a lot better and touch wood (pardon the pun) I think my sex drive is starting to improve too. Really glad I used this site to learn more about the coil and go for it, I won’t be looking back!

Lowdown user
26 years old
3rd Apr 22

My GP and dermatologist confirmed that the coil caused me to have chronic acne. I had never suffered with acne before, and I’ve really struggled with having it. Luckily I’m slowly sorting it out with the help of my dermatologist. I originally went on the coil to help with my period pains, and it helped with that for the first six months, and then they came back as bad as ever. I also had an awful experience having the coil inserted.

Lowdown user
27 years old
29th Mar 22

Very quick but painful insertion. But so easy after that!! Had period like pains for a day and nothing since! Periods have pretty much stopped. All feels surprisingly easy and care free.

Lowdown user
24 years old
2nd Mar 22

It was overall very good. The onoy side effdcts i experienced were slight weight gain and i got pretty bad acne while i was on it which i had never experienced before. I ended up going on accutane for a year which cleared my skin, however the acne came back exactly the same once i stopped. I had a minor issue where my string went missing (after an ultrasound it was clear the mirena was still correctly positioned and working). The missing strings made removal really painful as my doc needed to fish around a bit to get it out, but the pain was only during the procedure and with pain killers probably would have been minimal. Overall I stopped using the mirena because my acne was terrible (like 25+ spots at any given time) and I didn't want to go in accutane again.

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