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Marvelon pill reviews


18 years old
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  20th Dec 22

This is my first experience on hormonal birth control. I was nervous to start because of potential mood swings and low libido. Thankfully I have not experienced dramatic changes in my mood and body. However, my mood has been neutral and at times almost numb. I have developed vaginal dryness and my libido has lowered significantly. This defeats the purpose of me being on birth control so I'm considering changing pill or to the copper coil. Everyone is different, but I have previously struggled with severe acne and painful periods. My skin was mostly clear and Marvelon has not exacerbated any breakouts. My periods have remained the same, perhaps shortening in length slightly. So far, it's been a mostly neutral experience but I want to update this review in a few month's time.

28 years old
Used for 8+ years

Verified review  •  9th Jan 22

I was put on the combi-pill in secondary school/college years and it was to help regulate my periods which it did but I kept getting extremely bad migraines the first day/just before my period came and I would have to have the day off and stay in bed in the dark. So once I explained this to my Dr we both agreed that I would come if it and switch to a different pill. Which I did but that wasn’t any better so then that lead me to getting the Depo-Injection

29 years old
Used for

Verified review  •  16th Nov 21

It was convenient and pain-free, but after I stopped taking it, my partner and I both noticed that I felt less depressed and my libido increased. I am considering restarting the pill due to suspected endometriosis to help reduce pain, but I'm worried that I will feel more depressed if I do.

27 years old
Used for 18 months - 3 years

Verified review  •  8th Nov 21

At first it's was good for the first 8/10 months of using this pill. After the first year I noticed a dramatic difference in my mood and down there being sore quite often. Had cystitis twice and thrush was a pain to get rid of. Currently still taking it but I want to stop using this as it's done me no favours.

Lowdown user
Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  8th Aug 21

II took this pill for 9 weeks straight. Initially, I felt good on Marvelon for around 10 days. I was put on this for suspected endometriosis but unfortunately, it made my periods heavier and cramping was worse. I had a horrible breakthrough bleed that was very heavy and lasted 9 days. I had acne during the first couple of weeks however this settled. I also had headaches and constipation for the whole time I was taking this pill.

Lowdown user
Used for 18 months - 3 years

Verified review  •  3rd Aug 21

I was on a different pill before this one. When I started this pill I felt very nauseous for a few weeks and couldn't really eat. I gained a lot of weight however and over the course of the year cried a lot (which was very unusual).

Lowdown user
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  28th Jul 21

I’ve been taking marvelon coming up to 2 moths now and starting to experience really bad womb cramps and a lot of black/red discharge, I don’t know if this is spotting or just old blood from a missed period. It was suggested by my doctor that I take marvelon because I suffer with bad period cramps due to chronic pelvis pain.

Lowdown user
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  14th Jul 21

Switched to Marvelon following 3 months of cimizt which gave me terrible acne. Marvel on cleared it up a bit but still got quite a few spots of hormonal acne. I took the pill back to back with no breaks as recommended by my GP, and what I initially thought was breakthrough bleeding/spotting turned into a 16-day period that left me close to anaemia.

Lowdown user
Used for 18 months - 3 years

Verified review  •  30th Jun 21

Still had heavy & sometimes painful periods. Affected my mood very badly on the break week during the last 3 months of taking it!

Lowdown user
Used for 3 - 6 months

Verified review  •  19th Jun 21

Marvelon needs to be discontinued. It is dangerous. Even though I wasn’t stressed or depressed at the time, within 2 days of taking Marvelon, I was an emotional wreck. I had several intense panic attacks a day, sometimes passing out. I could not stop crying. I stopped taking the devil pill. The GP refused to believe me, but my mum and boyfriend told me to stop taking it because they couldn’t recognise me. A week after stopping the devil pill, I was completely fine and back to the normal me.

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