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Loryna is a brand of combined pill that's only available in the U.S. 🇺🇸 We've added it to The Lowdown as so many of our friends across the pond want to leave reviews for it. Like Eloine, Loryna is a birth control pill with a low oestrogen dose and a progestogen called drospirenone which may be good for acne and mood problems. It has a slightly higher risk of blood clots than other combined pills. It comes in a pack of 28 tablets with a 4 day break built in as placebo tablets, so may be harder to take continuously.

What is in the Loryna pill 🇺🇸?

Low oestrogen
Anti-Androgenic progestogen




93% - 99+%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



Does Loryna birth control help acne?

Can Loryna cause hair loss?

How long does it take for Loryna to be effective?

Does Loryna cause weight gain?

Is Loryna the same as Yaz?

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