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Lowdown user
35 years old
3 weeks ago

I am on this pill as a form of management for my endometriosis, and regular ovarian cyst formation when I ovulate. This helps manage the pain (although it's still present) and has stopped my ovulation. I take the Junel 21 Day tablets that do not include the ferrous fumarate tablets and have completely stopped my periods. I definitely feel a little brain fog on this pill.

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Lowdown user
20 years old
31st Mar 22

It does what it's meant to do and it greatly improved my period symptoms but it makes me so depressed and anxious sometimes that I'm considering switching pills.

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Lowdown user
21 years old
21st Jan 22

I really enjoyed this pill and thought it was a great option. I stopped taking it to switch to the IUD because of convenience

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