Dianette pill


Combined pill

Dianette is a combined pill that is an excellent treatment for acne and symptoms associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Dianette provides effective contraception in women who require it to treat these conditions, but it should not be used solely as a contraceptive as it has a slightly higher risk of blood clots compared to other combined pills.

What is in the Dianette pill?

High oestrogen
Anti-Androgenic progestogen

Alternative to Dianette pill

This contraceptive sits in Group 13 and has the same hormonal ingredient as:




93% - 99+%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



How long does Dianette take to clear acne?

Can Dianette cause weight loss?

Does Dianette cause hair loss?

Is Dianette good for PCOS?

Can I buy Dianette online?

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