Daylette pill


Combined pill

Daylette is a pill containing a low dose of oestrogen and a progestogen called drospirenone, which may be good for acne and mood swings. It has a slightly higher risk of blood clots than other combined pills. It comes in a pack of 28 tablets with a 4 day break of placebo tablets, so may be harder to take continuously.

What is in the Daylette pill?

Low oestrogen
Anti-Androgenic progestogen

Alternative to Daylette pill

This contraceptive sits in Group 4 and has the same hormonal ingredient as:




93% - 99+%

Blood clot risk


Effect on fertility



Is the Daylette pill good for acne?

Do you get a period on Daylette?

Does Daylette cause depression?

Can Daylette cause weight gain?

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