The Lowdown on sex, libido and orgasms

by The Lowdown · May 12, 2022

the lowdown on sex libido and orgasms | event
The Lowdown sits down with certified sex coaches Georgia and Lucy to demystify all things sex, libido and orgasms and tackle the issues we get asked about the most!
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Sex. We know it, we love it (for the most part), it’s a topic close to our hearts at The Lowdown. But increasingly we’re seeing more and more of our community raise concerns about their sex drive, low or mismatched libidos and the elusive Big O. Sound like you? If so, listen up

We’ve teamed up with certified sex coaches Georgia Rose and Lucy Rowett to get the lowdown on all things sex, libido issues and orgasms. If you’re finding it hard to get excited about sex, this event has been put together to help you better understand your body, share solutions and generally let you know – you’re not alone!

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why is sexual wellness an important part of sexual health?
  • What is libido and what can affect it?
  • What are orgasms and how do they work?
  • What can you do if you have trouble orgasming?
  • Top tips to help you enjoy sex again and practical solutions tackle your libido and orgasm issues

You can also speak to Georgia or Lucy in a one-off session for further advice with our new online sex coaching service. Book a sex coaching appointment with us today.

This webinar took place via Zoom on Wednesday 18th May, 6:30pm GMT.

Resources from the webinar:

Le Clitoris animation

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

Free audio course on sexual communication

You can find Georgia & Lucy on Instagram