Does D-Mannose work for UTIs?

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Loads of you have raved to us about taking D-mannose as a preventative measure for UTIs, so we decided to do a little digging.

The Lowdown on painful sex

The lowdown on painful sex | The Lowdown

The Lowdown sit down with resident experts, sex coach Lucy Rowett and pelvic health physiotherapist Kathryn Levy, to discuss all things painful sex and what to do about it

The Lowdown on pelvic health

The lowdown on pelvic health | The Lowdown

The Lowdown sits down with pelvic health physiotherapist Kathryn Levy to discuss all things pelvic health! This isn’t just an intro on how to do kegels – get clued up on how it can help with managing painful periods, painful sex, urinary conditions, endometriosis – and more!

The Lowdown on sex, libido and orgasms

the lowdown on sex libido and orgasms | event

The Lowdown sits down with certified sex coaches Georgia and Lucy to demystify all things sex, libido and orgasms and tackle the issues we get asked about the most!

The Lowdown on HPV

For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, sit down with The Lowdown for an insightful chat about all things HPV prevention.

STIs Explained

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There’s no shame in contracting an STI, any sexually active person can get one! But it’s good to know the facts in order to look after your sexual health. We take a look at the most common STIs and the myths surrounding them, including symptoms, treatment and exactly how they can be passed on.

The UK’s Government’s Women’s Health Strategy call for evidence: The Lowdown’s submission

As part of the UK Government’s call for evidence into Women’s Health, The Lowdown created a survey to get feedback from women on their experiences with reproductive and sexual healthcare. We received over 2,000 survey responses and have written up the findings into a fancy report that we submitted to Matt Hancock and co this weekend. Our survey shows how much we need to transform information, advice and access to contraception in this country!