The Lowdown on pelvic health

by The Lowdown · May 12, 2022

The lowdown on pelvic health | The Lowdown
The Lowdown sits down with pelvic health physiotherapist Kathryn Levy to discuss all things pelvic health! This isn't just an intro on how to do kegels - get clued up on how it can help with managing painful periods, painful sex, urinary conditions, endometriosis - and more!

How much do you know about your pelvic health? Making sure you’re clued up on your pelvic floor is more than just doing a few kegels – good pelvic health can help you manage a whole range of conditions, from endometriosis, to bladder issues, to painful sex and conditions like vaginismus. Watch this webinar – your vagina will thank you.

We’ve teamed up with our resident pelvic health physiotherapist Kathryn Levy to take a deep dive into the pelvic floor – what is it, why does it matter and how can you unleash its full potential?! Kathryn is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who earned her degree in the United States, working in the UK for the last decade. She has advanced specialisations in pelvic health and is a certified women’s health coach.

Join us and Kathryn over Zoom on Wednesday 6th July at 6:30pm.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • What is the pelvic floor? A total re-education into what you probably didn’t learn at school.
  • How can I keep my pelvic floor ‘healthy’?
  • What role does the pelvic floor play in conditions like endometriosis?
  • Can a pelvic health physio help manage my condition?

You can also speak to Kathryn in a one-to-one session via our online advice service.

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