The Lowdown on pelvic health

The lowdown on pelvic health | The Lowdown

The Lowdown sits down with pelvic health physiotherapist Kathryn Levy to discuss all things pelvic health! This isn’t just an intro on how to do kegels – get clued up on how it can help with managing painful periods, painful sex, urinary conditions, endometriosis – and more!

The Lowdown on sex, libido and orgasms

the lowdown on sex libido and orgasms | event

The Lowdown sits down with certified sex coaches Georgia and Lucy to demystify all things sex, libido and orgasms and tackle the issues we get asked about the most!

The Lowdown would love your feedback!

The lowdown would love your feedback

Share on whatsapp Share on facebook Share on twitter This week it was The Lowdown’s 3rd birthday! 🎉 We thought this would be a great chance to check in with you to see how we’re getting on, and how we can improve your experience. Now you’re probably thinking… But we promise this survey only takes […]