How to insert a vaginal ring

by The Lowdown · Feb 25, 2022

Hand holding a vaginal ring in between thumb and finger
You can now order the vaginal ring from The Lowdown! In this video, Dr Becky explains how to insert your SyreniRing or NuvaRing at home correctly.

The vaginal ring is a combined hormonal contraception method containing oestreogen and progestogen. It is inserted into the vaginal for 21 days, after which you remove it (and throw it away) to have a 7 day ring-free break, during which you will have a withdrawal bleed.

Alternatively, you can use the vaginal ring continuously to skip your withdrawal bleed, just like the combined pill, and replace your ring after 21 days with a new one.

The vaginal ring can be a bit fiddly to get used to, and if you’ve previously used a menstrual cup or diaphragm you may be more used to getting in the right position to insert it correctly. Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no time after watching Dr Becky’s explainer video.