Can you use Yasmin as emergency contraception?

Emergency Contraception

Unprotected sex is common, whether it’s due to a missed pill, a condom split or just too many tequilas. In the moments after, you may be thinking “oh no” and start to panic about the potential of a pregnancy. If you have some Yasmin pill packets lying around, it’s tempting to wonder if these could […]

What should I do if I miss a Hana Pill?

Slynd Everything you need to know

The Hana pill is a type of progestogen only pill. There are multiple different brands of progestogen only pill, and Hana is a brand that contains a progestogen called desogestrel. Hana works by stopping your body from releasing an egg from the ovary (ovulating) each month, thinning out the womb lining to prevent a fertilised […]

Can you take Yasmin while breastfeeding?

Woman Breastfeeding

Firstly, congratulations on your new arrival and well done for breastfeeding!  Breastfeeding can be both an amazing, bonding experience but also a difficult journey requiring hard work, determination and luck. While you’re awake all hours of the day and applying barrier cream liberally to your nipples, you’re probably not thinking about a) sex or b) […]

A GPs foray into FemTech: How I became Medical Director at The Lowdown

A GP's Foray Into FemTech

Dr Fran was our first hire at The Lowdown in 2020, and has been instrumental in building out our products, services and company culture. Here she shares her experiences of a recently qualified GP working in a FemTech startup. This was published in a recent Royal College of GPs newsletter.

Dr Fran Yarlett

Dr Fran Yarlett- The Lowdown

Dr Fran is Clinical Director at The Lowdown and works as a GP in Sheffield with a special interest in complex medical patients and women’s health. Specialities: Sexual and reproductive health General practice Qualifications: MBBCh (Hons) BSc (Hons) DFSRH MRCGP MRCP Experience: FPA Ambassador, Family Planning Association UK Medical Director, The Lowdown Salaried GP Partner, Woodhouse […]

How do I check my coil threads?

Feeling your coil threads is a really important way to check in with your coil. Find out when and how to find your threads in this user’s guide.