Can I change the time I take my pill?

Blue pill packet on pink background

Whether you’re off on holiday, starting a new routine or just want to spice up the monotony of life, you may be wondering, can I change the time I take my pill? Get the lowdown here on ‘safe windows’ and keeping yourself protected.

Coping with heavy periods at work

Coping with Heavy Periods at Work | The Lowdown

Heavy periods can be stressful, distracting and downright difficult to deal with – get the lowdown on these tips to help you cope with heavy periods at work

Can stress cause heavy periods?

Can stress cause heavy periods? | The Lowdown

Is there a link between stress and heavy periods? Get the lowdown on how stress can influence your menstrual cycles and how to reduce heavy periods

D-Mannose vs Cranberry for UTIs – Which is best?

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UTIs can be incredibly uncomfortable, painful and irritating, but what’s the difference between D-Mannose and Cranberry treatment? Get the lowdown on the health supplement that might become the new VIP of UTIs.

Why do I keep getting UTIs?

Why Do I Keep Getting UTIs? | The Lowdown

Are UTIs a common occurrence in your life? Get the lowdown on what could be causing them, promising treatment options and prevention tips.

Is your contraception making you tired?

woman with a duvet over her shoulders holding a coffee mug to her face

Life can be draining as it is, but a lesser known side effect listed on hormonal contraception includes tiredness. We take a bleary eyed look at the evidence behind this.

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