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14. Okt. 22

In general, I'm pretty pleased with my coil. Getting it inserted was quite painful and caused pretty intense cramping and spotting for 3-4 days after the procedure, too (with days 1 and 2 being the most extreme). Prior to getting the coil, I had very regular periods with heavy bleeding and cramping for the first two days and then a gradual decrease in bleeding with no more cramping for the other 3-4 days of my period. With the coil, I've noticed I have longer periods (from 5 days to 7 day periods), heavier bleeding that does not really taper off as my period goes on, and equal or worse cramps that last every day of my period (as opposed to only one or two days). I also noticed an increase in cervical discharge/mucus throughout my menstrual cycle, and that my breasts were tender while PMSing (which was never a PMS symptom for me prior to getting the coil). I also now experience minor ovulation cramping, which again is new, but not bad enough that it merits painkillers or a heating pad. All this being said, these symptoms are manageable enough that I'm still happy with my decision to use the coil and would still recommend it.