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The fitting was more complex than expected as it took the doctor 40 minutes and 4 coils to get it in - apparently I have a steeper bend in my uterus than most and she had to bend the tool accordingly. I would say it was uncomfortable rather than painful however and in the immediate aftermath I felt fine. After a couple of days I felt incredibly nauseous, tired and dizzy. I felt so ill I had to take a week off work. Driving was especially bad, I really struggled with motion sickness which I've never had as a driver or even as a front seat passenger. I had sores on my vulva, which was itchy and inflamed. I went to the doctor who said I had an infection and gave me antibiotics and a Canesten pessary. The itching and soreness eventually cleared up, and while the dizziness and nausea has lessened, it's still pretty pervasive and is especially bad during my period. My periods have been lighter although still monthly but PMS seems to go on much longer and be more vicious that usual. I also seem to get cramps randomly rather than just around my period. I've lost a lot of libido and struggle to orgasm, so in that sense it's been a doubly effective contraceptive, but that is out of character for me and has started to affect my partner's confidence and our relationship. My body can be pretty sensitive, but I thought with a very low dose of hormone I might be ok but the side effects have just not been worth it for me so I've decided to have it taken out. I'm very much looking forward to feeling like myself again.