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I. LOVE. IT!!!!! Before Kyleena, I was sure that if I couldn't get a hysterectomy, my life would be a nightmare. I'm very severely tokophobic (obsessive-compulsive disorder with tokophobia theme), and the thought of ever getting pregnant scared me to death. I really wanted to get rid of my periods too, because even though they were super short and easy (no cramps and no PMS), they were a constant reminder that I could get pregnant which was my worst nightmare. I thought a hysterectomy would be my only option. I even found a surgeon who was willing to do it, but my insurance backed out of covering it after inital approval, so I had to postpone it while saving money for the procedure. I decided to get an IUD in the meanwhile to take my mind off my phobia. Let me tell you, if I knew it was gonna be this amazing, I would have gotten it years ago! I found this website before I got it, and I had planned to write a review from the start, so I actually kept a detailed list of all my symptoms so that I could accurately relay my experience. As of writing this review, I've had the Kyleena for 6 months. INSERTION: I was super scared of it because I read all the stuff online about how brutally painful it is. To my surprise, I didn't feel a thing. I took 2 naproxen and 2 ibuprofen before the procedure and had it done on the last day of my period. I had no local anaesthesia. The most unpleasant part was measuring the uterus but it barely felt like a cramp. 10/10 experience, I felt great. RECOVERY AFTER INSERTION: I was recovering for 3 days. On days 1-2 I had quite heavy cramps and a bit of bleeding. On day 3 i had on and off cramps and also felt a little light headed. After that I kept bleeding for over week and it was extremely heavy, but I think the fact that I caught COVID and had super high fever contributed to it. I suspect if I had not had a fever I would've stopped bleeding much faster. FIRST 3 MONTHS: The first 3 months after I recovered from insertion were amazing. Despite what everyone said about it online, my mood actually improved and my sex drive went way up. I had no cramps and no other problems. 3-6 MONTHS: After the first 3 months, my sex drive and mood went back to normal. I gained a bit of weight but it's not a noticeable amount (I went from 49-51 kg to 52-53kg) and I'm not sure if it's because of Kyleena or just because I've been too busy with school to work out. I've noticed some isolated breakouts of single acne cysts but it's way less than what I used to get on the combined pill. My mood is also way better compared to what it was on the combined pill, I'd say it's about the same as it was when I was completely off hormones. The only side effect I noticed is that I need to pee way more often now but it's not a big deal to me. I can easily say that in terms of contraception this is the best thing I've ever done and I'm considering not even getting sterilized whatsover because I love it so much.

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