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22 years old
10. Nov. 21

I had heard good things about the patch so decided to try this after coming off of the implant. The patch itself was fine but I think my body just didn’t like the massive amount of hormones that comes with it. For the first 2 weeks I felt sick most days, sweating a lot and had HORRIBLE headaches, they wouldn’t go away even with painkillers. I felt really tired and irritable which I believe was caused by the patch as after I decided to stop it I felt back to normal after a few weeks. The application of it too put me off as it can be sore to take off and while it’s on your skin it gathers lint around the edges so doesn’t look too great, plus I would constantly worry it wasn’t on right as it wrinkles etc but it was still effective. Overall it was okay but the amount of side effects I had just wasn’t worth it for me.

Lowdown user
22 years old
9. Nov. 21

I was on the implant for 2.5 years which at first I didn’t notice much change but I wasn’t as tuned in with my body as I am now. The implant was great and didn’t have to worry about pregnancy or forgetting to take the pill. For the first 12-18 months I didn’t notice an effect on my mood and I actually lost weight/changed shape which was a bonus. However after 18 months I started to notice my mood was dipping quite a lot and I started to have mild intrusive thoughts. I would get really annoyed at small things and just want to be left alone most of the time. I had no motivation and didn’t feel like myself at all - I felt like I had to push myself to do simple things. My sex drive dropped which has never been a problem for me before as I’ve been with my partner for a few years. I decided to come off the implant at the start of September (now November) and I already feel better and lighter mood wise. I was disappointed as it worked well and lasted for a long time but I think as my body changed so did my tolerance to the implant as I definitely feel better after getting it removed. If this works for you then go for it but keep an eye out for your mood dipping/feeling different as it took me a while to notice and really was quite miserable.