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I have been on Eloine for over 6 months (not sure exactly how long) now. My GP prescribed it to me as part of my acne treatment, whilst i wait for my dermatology appointment. I have tried various contraceptive pills in the past, the one i used previous to this was a progesterone only pill as i had experienced migraines when on the combined pill previously. I stopped taking the progesterone only pill as it was making my acne worse, i started to use the Natural Cycles app and condoms instead but my GP said that i had to be on a more reliable form of contraception to be referred to dermatology. Hence being on Eloine now. It has completely cleared my skin, i dont even need to use the various creams i had been prescribed. The downside (and its a big one) is that i have lost my sex drive. I have spoken to my GP about this and am waiting for her to get back to me as she didnt think this was a normal side effect. My periods have also been affected by taking Eloine but i have noticed an improvement lately. I tend to bleed after the 4 day break, at the beginning i would then bleed for 2 weeks but this has reduced down to less than a week now. I did miss my period a couple of months in a row but not sure if this was due to the pill or the Covid vaccine as i am aware that some people had this reaction too. My periods have always been very regular so i had been worried but they seem to have returned to normal, if not slightly shorter/lighter than they had been on previous pills. Overall its good for acne, periods seem to settle after some months of taking it, i havent had any migraines but have a noticeably reduced sex drive. I am worried that the acne might come back once i stop taking Eloine but we will have to wait and see.