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I got pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy that had to be removed during emergency surgery (Salpingectomy) - they removed my coil during the surgery too. In the run up to this, my periods had became increasingly light and infrequent with the Jaydess coil and therefore I didn't think anything of it when I missed a bleed. I found out I had an ectopic pregnancy due to having sharp one sided abdominal pain (PLEASE look out for this) and was rushed to A&E. Prior to this awful experience, the Jaydess coil had been ok generally, apart from the sharp cramping I would get once a month just before my period. Such an odd sensation, very unlike normal 'dull'-type period cramping. I had the Jaydess fitted originally because it is smaller than the Mirena which wouldn't go in (my cervix spasmed). It was offered to me there and then in the appointment as a suitable alternative, and looking back I don't think I had sufficient time to consider my options before it was being inserted. I often wonder whether the lower dose of Progesterone found in the Jaydess just isn't enough to effectively prevent pregnancy. I would, as you might expect, absolutely NOT recommend it. They tell you that the chances of this happening to you is 1/1000 (again I often wonder if this really validated with the Jaydess? Or are they just quoting the same stats as for the Mirena?) Or perhaps I am just the unlucky one in a thousand! But NO method of contraception is worth losing a tube over. I would never again choose a method of contraception that puts you at risk of ectopic pregnancy if it fails.