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25 years old
1. Apr. 22

I’m 24 years old and was diagnosed with pcos 5 months ago I’ve had a regular periods and no insulin resistance However I had increased body and facial hair as well as horrible period pains. I was prescribed metformin, dianette (combined pill) and spironolactone. However since I had no insulin resistance I decided to opt out of taking the metformin and proceeded with the combined pill and the spironolactone. I found my mood was normal in dianette actually maybe even a bit better and my body and facial hair drastically decreased however I was getting monthly yeast infections, vaginal dryness and my sex drive was basically gone. I asked my doctor to prescribe a lower dose and he put me on Eloine instead. the first month was fine I had no side effects however I’m on my second month and I’ve noticed I’m incredibly bloated with very dull cramping in my lower abdomen, I’ve gained weight and my mood is absolutely horrible and the body and facial hair is back however not as bad as when I wasn’t taking birth control On the brighter side on this pill I get no infections and no vaginal dryness and my skin looked great on both pills. I’m not quite sure if my body is adjusting from going from a high dose pill to a low dose one however it’s taken quite a toll on my anxiety