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37 years old
9. Okt. 22

Decided to try this after using combined pill for several years taking pill packs back to back to avoid painful periods. Thermometer is easy to use and the app is straightforward in letting you know your fertile and non fertile days. In a long term relationship and in my 30s so pretty easy to navigate the “red” days with my partner. Tbh my main benefit is learning about my cycle and body. Amazingly, my periods are more regular and less painful than before I was on the pill, which I wouldn’t have known unless I’d switched contraception. I now can identify changes in my sex drive and mood during my cycle, and rare late periods are not a concern as I know whether I have ovulated or not thanks to the temperature taking. Basically, I feel I have the best understanding of my body now thanks to this contraceptive method. All women should be taught this info as teenagers. Knowledge is power!