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24 years old
11. Jan. 22

I got the Levosert coil inserted last year. Getting it in was quite painful and I had pain for a few days afterwards then I was fine. I don’t get periods any more which doesn’t bother me but once a month I feel like my hormones increase and I get really sore boobs and an increase in appetite. I was having problems with hair loss at first but this seems to have calmed down and was also getting a lot of whitehead spots on my chin which come back from time to time so that’s quite annoying. I think I feel a bit more scatty than I usually do I’m forgetting a lot of things and can be quite disorganised but not 100% sure this is a cause of the coil. It’s not made too much of a drastic change to my every day life and I’m glad I don’t need to worry about contraception for another 5 years.