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31 years old
15. Jan. 22

I was on Yasmin for around 4 years to manage the symptoms of my PCOS, whilst I was on it it managed my acne and made me bleed every month. I decided to come off the pill after i recognised that it was contributing to my feelings of anxiety and low mood and I wanted to try and naturally ovulate, something I had been missing for around 10 years. Positives coming off Yasmin; -Improvement in my emotional wellbeing and mental health, I just generally feel more positive and less anxious now. -Higher sex drive and generally wetter when turned on. Negatives coming off Yasmin: - Skin flare up (to be expected for me because of my PCOS), painful cystic acne for around 6 months, it's now settling down. -Significant hair loss and imbalance in oil for hair and face, leading to greasy hair and acne. The hair loss only lasted about a month, but the regrowing is taking agesss. All in all when taking Yasmin I felt the positives outweighed the negatives for me at that time and helped managed my PCOS symptoms, coming off of it there were a few negative side affects but 6 months on they have levelled out now.