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26 years old
21. Okt. 22

I’ve been on the for 14 years I’ve been put on so many different pills and taken off for different reason. But since being on this mini pill, I have taken myself off due to side effects, I wouldn’t recommend it for young people, I’m 26 years old and been with my partner for 7 years due to be married in 2 years. I was put on the pill at 14 due to my periods. Ever since the mini pill, the spots on my face has got out of hand, nothing I do gets rid of them, I use to have beautiful soft spot free skin, my breast are so sore and tender all the time, my mood swings are bad, my sex drive has gone which was never a problem before on any other pill. It’s painful during sex. I have lost so much head hair and it’s got so thin, and gets greasy really quickly which was never a problem before, I have had spots of bleeding randomly, but a year ago I had a heavy period that happened out the blue and it would stop and doctors had to give me tablets to try stop it. I feel depressed a lot but don’t know why which I don’t have a reason to be depressed. I would recommend it to any young person there is a reason my doctor said they don’t really give it to people under the age of 30 years old. I’ve been on many pills for 14 years but this one by far has really messed around with my body.